Thursday, January 21, 2016

What's Been Going On

Remember that project I was going to devote an hour per day completing?
It's darn near complete.
Nothing in my life thus far (besides gestation and motherhood, so let's just say artistically) has ever shown me the power of 
consistent hard work  and dedication so clearly in action as this,
as She.
Nearly forty hours in this piece.

I held my breath riveting in that huge and beautiful Brazilian Faceted Quartz.
Tacking was also one of those Hail Mary Pass experiences, following little bits of instinct
towards symmetry. I have never made a leather canvas before.
There are a thousand "I have never"s in this piece.

She is integral to the next phase of things, to the evolution of Sunny Rising.
In just a little while there'll be a place that houses everything: blog, shop, teaching dates, etc.

I made something for the Leather Shop in all the tumult of
studio shuttering. We opted for permitted work for studio renovation
and so the process won't be done for a few more months,
which is hard and good.
Impossible and stretchy.

This beautiful wristlet that practically springs from rich American turquoise nestled in fine and sterling silvers will be available today in the 


I hope your day is wonderful and that life is being kind.