Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Monarch Journey Belt

For the journey.

For fragile strength: is there any other kind?
For the totality of our steps and the interconnectedness of everything.

A belt with prayers in every hammer stroke
and love so deeply embedded from start to finish.

Adjustable for waists 29 inches and above. String anything supple you like through the gorgeous cast brass rings:
deer hide strings, as I did (I'll even send you some!)
vintage scarf
velvet ribbon

Dense texture
Powerful intention
mixed metals
tawny tooled leather

In the 



Monday, February 24, 2014

Backup Parachute

For the moments when 'Plan A' becomes 'Plan B'
for the new roles we never expected to find ourselves in.

For the breaks and the mending and the aches and the victories unscripted and uncharted.
For life.

A backup parachute, a second wind for flying onward toward whatever needs you most
be it a child or a dream of your own sweet self.

I made this with motherhood in mind.
I made this because I cannot seem to manage my energy the last year or so,
my body gets these bursts that feel like a force of nature
like I'm going to bake the world's biggest cake or solder with a jet-sized torch for hours on Mt. Everest and be fine.
These supernovas are spent quickly with nothing left but a beautiful child and art.
That's enough but it's not enough.
That's service.
These are worthy and spectacular things to dedicate one's life to
but it can be an isolating feeling, the rollercoaster-ness of it all.

Sometimes on a walk with my dearest girlfriend and our sons who are best friends
we just howl and hurt our cheeks from laughing at this season in life, how hard it is but also how genuine and funny and full of wonder it is.
You cannot excise one part and have the others.

I'd like to tell you that I've tried everything, but mostly I've been like Wile E. Coyote just doing the same damn thing over and over again and then scraping myself off the pavement when the scene ends.
But I can say happily that slowly, verrrry slowly I am calling in the troops and asking for assistance when I need it,
taking up more space and meaning it.

I am learning how to manage when the first parachute fails.
 I think this is called parenting.
I keep getting the loveliest notes from mamas who say that there will come a time when there's more time for other things.
I dread my Orion not being this small. I would ride this ride forever to watch him discover the world
filtered as it is through my safe warm watch.
And yet... their words are a beacon, showing me the seasons come and go until we do the same.

A dragonfly wing
and a feather:
two ways in which to ride the wind 

This necklace is a testament to strength and bedrock and energetic intelligence,
knowing when to call for backup
and when to just utterly surrender and fall. 

I am tucking it into 

tonight along with a few other really lovely goodies.

Here's to all of us in this together
free-falling and groundless
but never alone.


Friday, February 21, 2014


Dear reader, my goodness how time is flying wildly these days.
It's so cliche and so ultimately true that mothering a toddler means long days and short years.
Orion is hovering near two whole trips around the sun
and I can scarcely believe it at all
and yet I totally feel every second of those two years in my bones
and in my heart

He is the sum of all the daily push and pull
and no matter how desperately tired I am at nine pm or how much like 
Sisyphus I feel when the kitchen floor needs cleaning again (who puts in a fucking white tile floor? A chef, that's who. Grumble grumble.)
there is a marker for all the hard work put in:
every night I tuck in a boy who is a bit taller, a bit more filled with wonder (and yams)
and a bit more of the man he will become.
That feels more beautiful than any other thing I could do with my body

but -let me tell you-
when the babysitter comes?
I am ready like wildfire to hug my whole studio with gratitude: I have a career
that affords me a refill of all the parts that mothering empties.
Thank you.

Orion is such a verbal acrobat, coming up with ideas and word combinations that leave me floored
and laughing. He's totally in the 'terrible' section people use to refer to this time, but he's easily distracted from his angst. May it ALWAYS be so.

While most kidlets I know are requesting videos of SpongeBob or Sesame Street his first wish is for videos of 'snowblowders' blowing snow. Or tractors in fields. Or steam engines approaching stations.
He is a lover of all things with engines, both scared and excited.
When something scares him he talks it through until it feels good again, like Emily the goose at Veggielution who hisses at my heels while I'm carrying him.

We walk through this idyllic urban farm until we hear her honking at something and he scrambles into my arms just in case she decides to single us out that day. I would make Christmas dinner out of her if she ever came after my child.

Ahem. Please excuse my inner tiger. 

He kept bringing her up again and again and I said, "Yep, she's pretty intense!"
When we went to the farm stand the following week he announced to the clerk, "Goose Intense!" while nodding that little golden head to the side in agreement with himself.
I melted into a pile of marshmallow.

He loves hothouse cucumbers from my tomato guy at the farmer's market.
He wants raisins with every meal
and he asks after the neighbors across the street as though they were family.
When it's time to read a story, any story at any time of day we have to read it while wrapped in a blanket
and arranged just so. 
His crib went from one Elmo doll and a snowman to housing a menagerie of stuffed animals.

He's so rad. I want to go wake him up right now just to tell him so.
I won't.

As for life around here
the rest is all family and cats and friendships treasured
and would you look at the gorgeous profile in that Leela? That little runt shelter cat became the queen of Sheba.

I want to write more here, I think that every week and then in the living of this life I run out of hours in which to do so.
I miss this kind of expression
but I've got to say that if this was a postcard I was writing to you from a working vacation on a farm or something a bit more brisk than beaching it
It's such an important and rich time that
I would write with great sincerity 

"Wish you were here"


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Chrysoprase, two ways.

Chrysoprase #1:

Hammer Formed thick gauge copper hydrangea
Bullet cut centerpiece of warm green heavenly chrysoprase

Sterling dew
Diamond Texture-top Bezel
Narrow Hammered Band

Size 8

Glossy and luscious

Tropical feel 
Healing touch

Chrysoprase #2:

Nasturtium Lilypad
long oval of tart apple green chrysoprase

tapered jacaranda band
size 6

catches the light just so,
texture and shine so healing
and delicious

Has a feel that is very east-coast spring

the tender green and much-missed texture of May leaves

the heart of patience and rhythm of the seasons.

In the



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Extraordinary Transformation

It won't look quite like you thought it would, this journey to meet that which you would like to become.

In the transition from before to after you'll learn things you never thought to ask,
weather storms you were ill prepared for
and break open in spots that will heal to form bends in the path
that once was so straightforward and predetermined.

In becoming extraordinary you will confront and conspire with dark things and light things
and learn their beauty is neither for you or against you, that only your perceptions make it personal.

In your path will be things as old as time
like failures
and miracles
and the hours themselves
which will carve a canyon in your impatient heart
making room for everything.

There will be grumpy moments
jubilance and despair
deep loneliness
and ever-increasing accountability
for this short important life
in this flawed and stunning body

Make it count.
Beat that heart
like a drum.

Call everything you need to you.

Take chances.
Make friends.
Consume sunsets and homemade pie with passion and wonder.

On an indeterminable day some amount of time from now
You'll see the shift,
you'll have shed your cocoon 
and you'll wait for the parade you expected would appear in this life-movie
but instead it will be a quiet and beautiful.

It will be solely yours, this moment
before you call your mother
or your beloved in to come see

Your wings will unfold wet and fragile
patient as they've become
moved by love and instinct
you will turn the new parts to the sun and rise
to meet what you were made for.

This copper chrysalis was formed in pitch employing the techniques of chasing and repousse.
The high-relief sculpture (that had once been a sheet of copper!!) was then fired with both opaque and transparent enamels.
The process took a tremendous amount of time and love
and it made me very very happy to see the results.
I knew I had to take my time and make the perfect setting for its

Spring branches of sterling and a helicopter seed
touched with moonstone
form the clasp and canvas upon which the chrysalis

Lovingly and carefully formed with hammer and hand,
perfectly suited for the monarch-to-be.

In the Metal Shop tonight.


Friday, February 7, 2014

Sweet Littles

Hydrangea and Maidenhair Magic Spells with Chrysoprase and Rhodochrosite

Sweet Mini 'Cano Necklace in Bitter Green holding a lovely drop of Citrine

Bright Sweet Faith Jacaranda Cross necklace

Wee Hydrangea Petals

and a pair of Slightly-Less-Wee Hydrangea Petal Earrings

All this will be ambling into the 

today at random moments (i.e. naptime, etc.)

With love,

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Few Spells For You

In the


Because heaven knows we could all use a bit of magic in these winter evenings.

Loving you,