Saturday, February 1, 2014

Perfect Balance Magic Spell Earrings.

This is a pair of Magic Spell earrings, a very special pair indeed.

They are the energies of heaven and earth with a stunning chrysoprase and raw quartz crystal 
to hold all the intention and prayer therein.

They are meant to be worn intuitively,
meant to be worn in a way that serves you best, either alone
or partnered.

The jacaranda laurels are for deep grounding
and the stars and crystal for lifting you higher and higher.
Worn together they are perfect balance.

Worn singularly they are potent magic to counterbalance environmental stressors.

Most of my previous spells have been fabricated with complementary aesthetic choices: feathers with feathers, wings with wings. A single idea with multiple loving parts, spoken in metal, woven together. 
These two beauties are not woven, they stand as a single thought that together bring two diametrically opposing forces into perfect harmony.
These are the stars and the roots, the mystery and the solidity together.

I am so excited to place them in the Metal Shop later today. Be on the lookout!

You can see them on my ear in the shop listing: Blogger has been doing a very strange washing-out of pictures with skin tones, so I'd rather not have you be like, "Wow, what a zombie-like cast your cheek has today, Allisunny!".



veee said...

zombie chic you are, allisunny

Clare said...

I clearly need to check in here more often, that I might have a tiny chance at grabbing something off your shop shelves! Gorgeous little bits of magic, those earrings!