Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Liberated Lines

WINNER: Alicia!!!!!! Please email me at and I will point you toward your true north :) xoxoxoxo

Are you feeling lucky?
I am about to ensure that you do!

I feel blessed to know the wonderful woman I am introducing you to:
Her name is Robin E. Sandomirsky and she is awesome.

Fierce. Gentle. Healer extraordinaire.
Bridge builder to some of my greatest self-understanding.

I am hosting a gift-away here for her Instagram-based prose and poetry course,

Just simply leave a comment 
on this post and you'll be entered in to be gifted a spot in this course.

It's really important work that Robin does in this world,
and I am so proud to call her dear to me.

I am so excited to experience this luscious course
and treat myself to something loving and magical through its process.
I hope that even if you do not have your name drawn on Friday (Yes that means you have two days to enter!) you'll join me in experiencing Robin's guidance and beauty.



alicia said...

This sounds like JUST what I need! I'm taking a break from Midwifery school to heal/feel/face things that I didn't realize I was hiding. <3

Unknown said...

This looks amazing!!! thank you for sharing with us Sunny!!

Amy said...

What an awesome idea. I'm in the hat!

Lizzie Derksen said...

Oh, this would be amazing.

Unknown said...

This would be both a miracle and a blessing for me. Wow! Thank you for giving us this chance.

Valerie Brown said...

This sounds like a very interesting opportunity, and could kickstart my Instagramming!

Becca said...

This is totally different then anything I have ever thought about doing. Add my name to the bag please and thanks!

Cat said...

Thank you for sharing Robin with us! I didn't know she was on this earth, and now I'll always know :)

Michèle Grenier said...

Oh Yes Please. :) xoxo And thank you.

m said...

How fantastic! I'd love to be added to the running...thank you!

Kelly Z. said...

Delightful! A lovely course indeed, something much needed right now. With fingers crossed & thanking you for the chance!