Friday, July 30, 2010

On the Benches

Luna Moth big bag: snapped up already, but will definitely make more :)

A collection of tropical, summery earrings to delight the soul: silver components in the pickle pot.

A glorious clutch I am finishing up: should be in the Leather Shop next week: in between the two wings there will be a white quartz cabochon I am excited to set

And the back reads "fly" in hand-drawn, feathered letters (and two sea-bird silhouettes!). I am gosh-darn-golly-heck excited about this piece.

Think I may line it in cherry red suede....

oh the decisions!!

Off to yoga,

Love to you,

Thursday, July 29, 2010

What I learned and Custom Order Delay

Just wanted to fill you in on what I actually studied while I was away: a triple layer 'story' cuff that blew my mind and gave me more challenge and teeth gritting than I thought possible.
That's what it's a class, you know?

New torch with a tip that made a burly flame and more heat than I am used to working with
Different techniques
(or shall I say 'actual' techniques, as my self-taught shenanigans are rather unpolished)
The rhythm of questions and progress
chasing tools (more, yes, please!!!)
Liver of sulphur (never going back to silverblack)
forming with a bracelet mandrel
Magnesium brazing boards
pins to hold the work

So glad I had the experience.
So glad I am home.

As for custom orders, I am plumb out of silver sheet, and so I will be waiting until the 3rd for it.
Being that I am traveling to Seattle and slowly down the coast with Les Parents from August 11th through the 20th (I am singing at a wedding in Morton, WA and my parents happened to be traveling my way!!)
it makes little sense to start more orders before I go, meaning delays and and designs on the brain when I should be away and refilling the well.

Custom listings will be up on the 21st of August: maybe even a few in the Leather shop!!!

This is the last travel for some time until December, so normalcy will return soon :)
Thanks for understanding and for being so darn great.


I am Back!

with a heart full of babies

and puppies

and unexpected family
(the man in the picture is my ex, and his beautiful little baby girl and tremendous woman Crystal were kind enough to have me out for dinner. What a lucky girl I am to be surrounded by generous hearts!!!)

More of the little Miss, just so your eyes can behold such loveliness!!!

Newlyweds (love you!!!!)

nearly newlyweds (heavens, we miss you guys!!!)

Kittehs I love

And seriously diabolical plans to make beautiful things out of leather and silver and stone.


Please tell me what your heart is full of today: let's talk in the comment section :)

Love you,

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dearest Matt and Irene Coleman...

As you embark on your journey into marriage may you have all that you need any moment you could possibly need it.
May the steadfastness of your commitment to each other shine through moments of happiness and the challenges life throws your way, remembering always that you are on the same team, working toward a united goal:



ever expanding your circle of influence

staying current with friends as you swim through your daily doings.

know that you have our full support and even our cheerleading spirit (!!!!)

and more than your own share of beauty to offer the world.

Remember to let everyone know when you've had enough

and keep your wonderful family close, frequenting the places that hold so many memories, places that tell the story of your love from the beginning.

Um.... and these two? Yeah, I don't know....
I think if this photo could talk they'd be telling you to 'keep it classy' or 'the Dude abides'....

We love you and we celebrate your union with this toast I invented (:

"Clinkity clink, drinkity drink (©)".

Love you love you love you,
Allison & Anthony

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ta Ta For Now!

See you in twelve days!!!!

I am pretty durn sure I'll have some pictures for you in the meantime, Matt and Irene's wedding is going to be a rich emotional time: that's my brother from another mother marrying his Girl!!!!

Love you all very much,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Free Shipping today and tomorrow morning only!

A few more items found their way on Sale this weekend in the shop
and tomorrow morning
mention that you read this blog in the 'comments to seller' box and receive free shipping
anywhere in the world.
Reimbursement will be made through Paypal very shortly after sale.

I am so grateful for your incredible support.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hip to be Square!

The very last of the self-cabbed stones are finding their way into the shop this evening, a last 'hurrah' before I leave on Monday late morning for the South.

Pictured above is a gorgeous, gemmy cut of Queensland Agate from Australia, fitting a size 10 finger. The wide band features all manner of growing things.

Mmmmmm, viney!!! :)

Also with bouquets is a ring with a to-die-for cut of Sonora Sunrise in a generous square.

"How big?" you ask?


Both of these lovely pieces will be in the Metal Shop this evening. The shop will remain open
until early Monday morning PST and at that time it will be closed for the better part of 12 days or so.

When I come home there will be leather afoot.
Oh, the squirrel bag? It got gobbled up by a private party and I am so beyond thrilled!!


Friday, July 16, 2010

The Bluebird of Happiness

NOTE: I couldn't part with it. Can you blame me?????

This incredible piece of oil or enamel on copper was painted likely sometime in the 40s, and I am so smitten with it.

Not sure yet if I can part with it... it would be a small fortune based on the worth of the little painting
but I am also not sure if it belongs to me....

Convo me in the Metal Shop if you feel like this little beauty belongs to you.
We'll talk :)


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Travel Note

Hello, Friends!

I will be traveling to Los Angeles for a wedding and a cuff class at Farin O'Connor in Pasadena. I will be gone for the better part of twelve days, and the shops will be closing: I think it's wise that way :)

When I return I will be making some custom slots available in both shops: in the meantime, any purchases in the next few days must be made by Sunday to ship on Monday!

have a wonderful one,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Built from Scratch

All the elements, made by me (except commercial chain!), all stones cabbed by me.... man, I feel like a WOMAN!

Let's go into details, shall we?

This is a wee Coyamito Agate, with an opaque light caramel center and banding reminiscent of cinnamon and persimmon... orange, tan, simple and elegant.

My signature swinging bail has a tiny twig and leaf bouquet: this piece is entitled "Ahh" and has that word along with a few hammered granules of sterling on the back.

Doesn't it feel like relaxation just looking at it?

This is the collector Laguna Agate cab I created last week and I KNEW it was going to turn out to be a doozy when I set it. I blended the swing bail and a simple jump ring setting for an asymmetrical treat.

This is heirloom stuff, thick and heavy silver with a stone the likes of which I may not see again - what a wonder!!

The chain is patterned cable, left oxidized for contrast and a bit of operatic drama!

All of my vine designs are an offshoot of this amazing new phase of my life: plants I purchase are surviving and even thriving in my studio, on my porch and in my belly (basil, parsley, spearmint, sage, lavender, lemon balm and peppermint) - I couldn't be happier with this turn of events, as a reformed black thumb.

Seriously, I had a knack for house plant homicide.

Look: even my string of pearls is sprouting!!

Start to Finish pieces will be in the Metal Shop shortly!!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Oh, Athena...
not being able to take one's eye off of something antique will normally inspire one's hands to search for the perfect pieces of antiquity to set for the lovely ladies of the interwebs...


A butterfly wing cabochon necklace: when I tell you this was insanely hard to set you must believe me. There were three layers, unattached, one of them being a butterfly wing from some 60 odd years ago, fragile as a nerve and needing great care in handling.

I held my breath a whole lot, but my oh my was it worth it.
These glass pieces, set in brooches were things you brought back from tropical climes: lots of them hail from Rio, and so I have named her after the place she was likely born.

The color is the richest cobalt blue and the sheen of the wing reminds me greatly of labradorite.

The second is a wonderful medium-sized hand-painted porcelain cabochon, set very simply in sterling.
This piece is likely from before 1900: it is extremely old and has a patina and some light surface wear that indicates it was well-loved while it was being worn.

Here, in the next phase of life I predict more love and more oohs and ahhs from those who behold it:
this little old piece will practically blush in its setting for all the praise!!

In the Metal Shop shortly!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wish You Were Here

Have you ever seen something that moved you so deeply that you couldn't bear the separation?

I found this brooch of Athena on my last visit to Petaluma, but given its incredible craftsmanship, diamond and 18k gold structure and enviable enamel-on-gold painting
I had kissed the thought of it goodbye.
The price was crazy.
I spent the last few weeks thinking of her on more occasions than I would wish to say: 'things' don't normally get into my heart this way on a regular basis.

She is tiny.
She was born in 1870.
She is perfection.

I walked away from the shop, confused as to why Anthony needed to find a bathroom there when Petaluma is rife with bathrooms and he knew his way around:

"I'll meet you at Copperfield's," he said.

And then a few hours later as I searched for well-worn glass at Wright's Beach he presented me with a gold box and said he had found the most wonderful beach stone of all....

Oh, my husband.
My Schmilly.
Thank you is a pale ghost of my feelings right now.

There are no words for being so well-treated. Athena is clutched in her golden box in my studio, tucked away until tomorrow morning when I go to look at her, fresh as Christmas morning.

Wright's Beach says 'hello' and bids you all come visit when you need a refresh from the everyday!

Quoth the raven, "Katherine, we miss you!!!"

My veritable rainbow of beach stones!!!! Can you believe it????

My Annie, at the Pacific for the first time in her beautiful life.... what a homecoming!

Ice plants in bloom

Complex rock formations abound on this coast....

after a fantastic dinner at Central Market and the long drive home, we are here and ready for sleep.

Convos and gorgeous emails have gone unanswered for a whole day and a half, and they are piling: I promise I will resume normal operations on Tuesday: in the meantime, I love you for being patient :)

I truly do wish you were here.
I'd offer you a beer and sit on my slab porch with you, catching up on what's new.
Then I'd tuck you into the guest bed and clamber onto my creaky springs, off to greet the sandman once again!

Until then, goodnight.