Sunday, August 31, 2008

For The Longest Time

For The Longest Time from Allison Sattinger on Vimeo.

Miracle Stone

Fire Opal.
It makes me feel so overwhelmed with love and gratitude that something so amazing exists.
Here's why: opal is formed from a combination of silicon dioxide and water. After rain and floods and the general watering of earth, water washes sandstone's silica with it as it descends into cracks and voids. When the water eventually evaporates it leaves behind a bit of silica, and as the years pass and waters continue to flow and descend an opal is formed.

Isn't that the darndest thing? And then people like me get to make necklaces out of them. Like this cosmic delicacy. Would you LOOK at that fire?!!!! I've found purple, green and red so far.

I know I made this with the understanding I would list it in my shop, but goodness it belongs to someone special. Someone who knows its fragile beauty ( more fragile than glass! ) and can nurture its well-being for years to come. When a stone is THIS lovely I worry for it and wish for its safe passage into years ahead.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baby Steps

I just did something bold: I purchased 100 little small kraft boxes, a stamp with an 18th century drawing of a be-faced sun peeking out from behind the clouds in the exact size of the small kraft boxes and I got Moo cards (!) for the metal shop, too.
I basically invested in the future of my metal shop, with the expectation that more things will sell.
I sold two things this week from the metal shop and had nothing of distinction to pack them in, being that all my boxes are incredibly large given the size of the sterling goodies. I wanted to create a look that separated my stores into distinguishable individual shopping experiences.
Being that there are no guarantees for more sales I feel scared.

I felt this way a ton during the setup and tool purchasing time with Sunny Rising Leather.
Terrified, actually, even more so than now because I had never done it before.
Never succeeded in a new venture.
And then people asked if I could do belts.
And bags.
With every request I was re-terrified!!! What if I fail? What if they're laughable? But I still made them with my heart. Lost sleep over them. Did research to learn how they were made and who made them best.
I grew and shifted into that newness with relative grace.
I must trust that the way I feel about stones and metal will beam out of my heart the same way leathercraft did.
And that the boxes will get used, the stamps will stamp suns on outgoing packages and the Moo cards will be tucked in beside a little shining trinket.
And I must, must, must leave my fear at the doorway to my little orange studio, because taking it in with me would be the equivilent of writing a song in hopes that it would land on the Top 40 American Radio and so ignore the quirks that would mean it was born in my offbeat soul.

Achingly Sweet

Oh, this rose necklace almost hurts my heart with its sweet, delicate beauty. I swoon for roses, and little tiny antique ceramic painted ones, especially!
It's in the metal shop now ( to you right, one shop down on the minis )

Friday, August 29, 2008

All That is Good

I am the luckiest son of a gun I know: I have an internal magnet that draws good people. There is a community online I have come to know and they are rich in kind reciprocal words and deeds, and they never, ever disappoint ( though my expectations are nothing more than that we will silently adore each other if not say 'hello' on occaision ).
Today I received this bag from James of :

It was her hope that I would attach new straps to it and do with it what I chose: this will be a delicate surgery: it's made out of a woven wood of some sort, sturdy and delicate at the same time, and removing those rivets is gonna make me sweat ( 'baby.... Let the rhythm take control, let the rhythm move you!!' -- C&C Music Factory -- sorry got a little carried away there -- all of the sudden while writing I heard that "Duhn- Duhn- Duhn-- Duhn- Duhn- Duhn" that starts the song and so I indulged my early-nineties pre-teen self ) because not ripping the weave will be delicate, delicate work -- and you know what? I feel up to the challenge, actually! I have gotten good at rivets and somewhat graceful about unriveting things. Observe what I am going to be taking out:

Blow me a kiss for good luck across the miles!! ( Caught it in my palm and pressed it to my cheek, thank you ! )

All You Need

Now hop in your little deuce coupe and go!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

20% off!

This necklace was a wonderful challenge to make: sometimes ideas come easy and the actualization takes time: I tried out three different kinds of leather before I realized that this design demanded inflexible leather of the greatest thickness I had.
I just re-shot it today since the last time I had only been able to use the little Fuji camera and not the Nikon ( swoon, heart beat faster Nikon d60 ).
It is in the leather shop and it is 20% off!!

This I Promise You

My long lost darling, the ebony koi, brings you a promise ring:

She promises you self-stewardship on your path to realizing your dreams
She gives you the vow of faith in your abilities and potentials
She will remember your greatness even if you ever forget

It's something promised to you, wrapped in a delicate stering band and sealed with flower petals.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Lot of Joy

Stacey won my contest. Stacey sent me pictures!!
It turns out she's a really, really talented photographer aside from being strikingly beautiful. Here is her website:
To see her coloring, her obviously fierce style and her lovely tattoo is eerie: I kinda get the impression that this necklace has belonged to her from the moment it was created: ah, serendipity!!!
Hearing from her made a challenging day really, really lovely. And now I can rest easy in the knowledge that as far as creativity goes, all is right with the world.

Little Reminders

I need gentle reminding every now and then.

I go through these phases where I GET IT: I totally get it, and I start living my life according to the highest principles: kindness, compassion, thorough responsibility, a work ethic that would put a Clydesdale Horse to shame AND I even have time to make a pie after all of this striving and being.

Then I forget and wander lost, unable to find a rock to stand on, maintaining only my compassion and kindness, but losing hours and feeling left behind in the cosmic race we're in - no inspiration, no desire to rise from bed, etc.

I think the reason I find words on sterling to be so wonderful is in the reading: the reminder we all need can be as close as out ears, our neckline, our bathroom mirror -- in my studio is a plaque above my head that says, "Breathe" and I count on it.
Perhaps if I were a stronger person who never faltered into the arms of depression and could always remember on my own it'd be different, but I suspect we all need a little pick-up now and then.

Interesting: I made a pair of earrings that say "Be Still" -- but even more alluring is in the reversal of the words, "Still Be". Hm. They're in the Metal Shop.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Uncharted Territory

A koi in the hair is worth two in bush, or something like that! :) In the Leather shop now :

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Note on Fragrance

Oh, punny, punny me :)
I love scent.
I love it passionately, almost as much as I love creating and music and pets and family.

The greatest discovery of my last year in perfume, besides the book - Perfumes: The Guide?:

Decanted perfumes of every shape and color!!!!

In any amount you want!!!!!

I have fallen in love with Mouchoir de Monsieur, a perfume traditionally meant for men, which always smell the best on me:
for example: Grey Flannel.
It is my divine elixir of love.

The Perfumed Court is my Heaven, then, and I shall visit often until I exhaust my nose.

Your Name Here

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Long and Short of it all

the short of it

The long of it!

Baby Got Back, truly, and Janey is using it to her advantage for a comfy Sunday afternoon nap.

We had a wonderful day yesterday that involved a morning meeting with one divine Katherine, dinner with friends and shopping at Anthropologie ( le grand sigh!! ) and lots of love -- it's so much fun to realize how much you like someone as well as how nice it is to LOVE them: the Schmizzle and I walked into Abercrombie and Fitch to discover that it was so imposing, complete with:
Greco-Roman wall murals
Naked Statues (not that I mind at all! )
A Jeans Bar: seriously with a bartender that gets you your size and everything
Everything stacked on shelves that you can't reach without help
Low Lighting
Rammstein-type deep thrumming bass-driven electronica

And we looked at each other with these awestruck 'this-is-a-nightmare-oh-my-goodness-so-bad-it's-good' eyes and I just LIKED him. I LIKED him so much. We laughed out way out of the store hand in hand.

This realization hits me pretty darn often in so many situations: he'll be very heroic by handling small details and creating comfort for me in his presence, but more than that he's FUNNY. And warmer than summer. And so nice and good. And sexy, too :)

And mine all mine all mine.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Winner

First of all, my most intense gratitude to all those who came to this page and wrote me a line of the world's most sublime love advice.
You are all amazing. You have all given us gifts that last a lifetime and stories that geniunely made me cry and laugh at the self-recognition in some of the behaviors I am least proud of.
I get to marry my darling man and you all were and will continue to be a part of it.

Special thanks to that otherwordly Shreve of Daily Coyote, whose Twitter link drove so much traffic here I was just flummoxed by how big it made my heart feel. You are a gift to us all, Shreve.

And the winner: short and sweet, somehow encompassing everything in a wee nutshell:

" Stacey said...
Tell each other from the beginning - "if you ever leave me, I'm going with you". Then, there's no reason to ever get to that point. :)

Also, never go to bed angry."

Stacy, Please email me at:
to exchange information and claim your luxurious prize :)

Today I feel ten times more aware of the goodness in the world, and you are all responsible.

Allisunny (even my parents still call me that)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Contest Rules and Prizes

I like to think, when listing the details of contests that people read it to themselves and it sounds just like the voice at the end of a car commercial - super quiet and speedy:

(MSRP excludes taxes, license and title, please see dealer stock for more details, 0% apr applicable for qualified buyers only)

The details of this contest are simple. I made a necklace that was created solely for the purpose of joy.
I am getting married, which is so joyful I could burst, except having never done it before I deeply desire some sort of good guidance on the wedding or the the marriage which is to follow.
Give me your absolute best wedding or marriage advice by way of commenting on this post ( you needn't be married: just give me a wondrous story of your grandfolks and how they made marriage great ) and I will have my lovely Schmilly pick the best one on Friday. He is unbiased and has a keen eye for greatness. This is his gorgeous mug:


The best piece of advice will win the following necklace:

There is one in my shop right now ( ) ( don't worry, there are two of them!!! ) if you want more specs than just simply that it is one of the most joyful and spontaneous designs to come out of my brain in some time.

And that it's yours if you enlighten me with your best wedding or marriage advice.

Thank you and most wondrous luck!!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Numbers Game

I have three more sales to go before I get to three hundred items sold AND I have one more subscription left to receive before I have two hundred subscribers on Youtube -- I am positively luxuriating in the unexpected way things will turn out, just as I was when I wondered who would be my first SunnyRisingMetal customer ( of course it was my Scottish Angel ).

In honor of all of the fun I am thinking of a contest -- I have never had one before! I know I have people stopping by all the time to this here blog, but rarely do I get comments from people other than two or three of my dearest girl-pen-pals -- maybe this will give you a chance to say "hi", ye current strangers! ( You know you can say hello anyways and I'd be thrilled :) )

I will let you know what it will entail tomorrow and what will be won. Actually, what would you most want to see up for grabs????


Here are some delicious pink blosoms I've made today in honor of feeling better ( I had gotten a wee flu and cannot bear to make things when I am feeling unwell unless they can be sterlized, which leather can't ) and in honor of the loveliness of the California sunshine that gave birth to their design in the first place!

Oh, what fun this is!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wouldn' It Be Loverly???? (yes!!!!)

I implore you to watch this exciting show!

There is a woman I know whom I have met once, but the sheer sparkle and shine she gives a room is so divine she bewitched me for life.
My hope is that one day there will be a visit, and from the looks of her little Idaho town that has my better parts screaming, "Get me the happy hell out of L.A.!!" I think the turf will surely be hers.
She is The Noisy Plume.
Both of our sales are hovering just about four away from an even number, a giant leap into the FOUR DIGITS for The Noisy Plume and 296 for lil' ol leatherworking-finger-stained-resin-mallet-wielding me.
I have four custom orders this week alone, so I feel a delicious anticipation to see that '2' turn to '3', thus making me the happiest girl ever: three hundred little pieces of love are out there in this big wide world, three hundred pieces I crafted. That's more than I honestly ever dreamed when I began.

The Plume nears 1,000 pieces sold. They are amazing, life-affirming gifts to give oneself. I should know as I have more than three, happily.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

If you haven't been to visit her shop, do.

Go revel in the shiny glory of her silver treasure trove -- ( I DARE you not to buy something!!! )and bite your fingernails as I do to see who will be the lucky one to push her into cake-making territory, which 1,000 items sold definitely merits.
Also, if you haven't been to her blog, go - her life is fascinating and birdlike.

That is all.


I love giving gifts. I like useful gifts, especially. When someone has a broken heart I think jewelry is incredibly useful, like a little feast of hope next to an empty plate.
There are two broken-hearted lassies in need of silver -- STAT!!!

Off they go, into the mailbox: a star for a Texan and a mystery for a seeker.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Trust in Things Unseen

I have a girlfriend who just had a breakup with her boyfriend of six years.
He is of that age where men flounder about, sometimes losing what's precious in the meantime, only to resurface out of their cloud of oats to realize something painful and profound: the loss of a great, great woman.

This girlfriend of mine has no CLUE how amazing she is, and of course cannot see the future from here --
but I can -- OH I can.

It's remarkable.

She is a success.

She looks great and smells like Fendi Palazzo.

I made this necklace as a prayer, because I think we all need it, really. The message, that is: how hard is it in the midst of tragedy or pain to think, "Wow!! Someday I am going to look back at this and marvel at the door it opened in me!"

It's impossible.
But small things can be our reminders while we're doing the backbreaking labor of grieving and repatching our sweet, sad hearts.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time Fuels

My Fire.

This felt very emotional for me to make, having always been so profoundly aware, even as a child, of the limited amout of minutes we have to experience the world.
I used to weep at bedtime when the summer sky was still light thinking, "I want to taste it all!" I was eight. Deeply sensitive.
In love with life and everyone and everything sentient and not so sentient.
Nothing has really changed, except that I don't cling to desperation the way I used to. Adult life has made me a little more resigned to fate, watching those in the generation above my parents pass, even some in their generation...knowing full well that after a body goes their soul is still mighty busy ( I know you're still around, Dr. B!!! ) and so my fear of ending is less ferocious, for I believe we don't.
But while we're here in physical form, oh the magic we create!
The relationships we nurture!!!
The flowers we get to smell and the textures we get to experience -- oh the CUPCAKES!!!!

Time is the fuel in this little four cylinder heart.

What's yours?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Order

After tomorrow I will be taking a well-deserved break from filling orders and instead work on a few new bag ideas: I am sooooo excited!!!!
I am desperately in love with bags. I don't have time to make too many of them
1. because they take a boat load of hours to make
2. because I have been palnning a wedding but once all the invites are mailed out I get to take time off from that (whew!)
3. Did I mention how much time they take?

Sweet Thing

Why is it that ( though all my koi are desperately loved ) there are those koi that are just born winking magic in their little ebony eyes? Today I had the pleasure of meeting one: my little candy girl.
Bearing a sweetly striped glass heart, which I am having a really hard time not seeing as a piece of candy.
She is currently in the Etsy shop.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Sea Told Me

My mama and I did a bit of ocean gazing while she was here visiting, and it reminded me of all my ocean walks over the last five years. It also reminded me that I should do more walking on the shore -- things get so clear in your mind -- all questions seem to get seamlessly answered.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Flutter and Hum of Delicate Wings


Mom #1 and Mom #2 have gone. In their wake are two exhausted young pre-married lovers and two sleeping kittehs.
I rediscovered my Grandma's shuffleboard championship necklace this week, and gave it a good shining: it is 12k gold and she won it in 1977, the year I was born. She was a ferocious shuffleboard player!!

It's pretty much all I want to wear right now.

I keep thinking she'd really like to be here now: I think she really wanted to go to my shower, and so I carried her there by wearing her necklace.
I am trying to think of how I can have her at my wedding, what trinket of hers I can carry or wear. She passed last May and has left a rather strong void.
My Grandma Kelly and Grandpa Larry have been kind enough to grand-opt me even before I marry their grandson. I think that's wonderfully kind -- I thought I'd never be a grandchild again.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good Reason

There has been a lull in my posting as of late.
As some of you know, I am getting married in October, and this weekend I was thrown the most amazing shower by the woman who I call my boss ( I work four days a week three hours a day at a Pilates studio in order to have good human contact and maintain my muscle strength and sweat a bit ) but is more truly a mentor and a friend.
My mother came in.
My new mother-to-be came.
The entire last week was spent trying desperately to fill a large order that is due this week and get the house ready for two visitors and run the requisite errands, etc.
My silence was for a good reason: I was preparing for joy.
My shower was unreal: kindness and good spirits abounded and there are some rather delicious things I must now cook, smell and wear as a result, even though the invite said "Your presence is present enough". Some people and their generosity ;)
The whole day was a result of kindness -- if you see this woman below know that your life may change in riotous and radical ways: she has a way of sweeping in and igniting the most amazing fires under in your belly and heart.
Be warned :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Carnelian Yummmmm

Oh, it just looks like caramel. And papayas. together. Excuse me, I have to go eat!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunny Rising Metal is Virgin No More!

I had my first customer and so I want to go make silver until my hands become numb with work -- Sue. Sweet Scottish Sue. Sue who has made my leather shop feel peopled and blessed for months now has become my very first customer in my metal shop and I swoon over her. I know through her that angels exist and I feel stubborn that need to meet her someday, that we would talk till morning.
And then nap and talk again. Heaven help us all if the Plume was there, too -- my two most fascinating internet ladies and I in one room would mean more to me than I could ever say.
So of course it was her.
All is right with the world.

I brought my back my very first Koi incarnation for a custom belt this weekend, and felt very sweet-hearted when I saw it come to life: this was my beginning all over again, but without the tremendous trepidation that I would somehow pour a bottle of antique all over it and ruin everything I had done -- the first few projects I did were nail-biters until I got better and more consistent at riveting, staining, etc.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Up From The Earth

So in love with Wild Horse Magnesite. It is so marble-y and yet completely wild looking. I keep seeing it on those huuuuge completely delicious and wildly unaffordable Indian belts: the ones made entirely of sterling and insanely large stones: man oh man I love them.
I made something rather delicate with one of my stones:

it makes me emotional to work with silver: it's mostly tameable but kind of not and I feel a relationship forming with it: I have stopped holding my breath when waiting for solder to run: that's a huge step forward :) There's not the same feeling as I have when I tool: I know my tools by heart and fully expect the leather to behave in certain ways. I can look at a hide in the store and know exactly how it will tool. When I think of leather my heart grows big and my mind runs through ideas with a rather frantic pace.
Silver, on the other hand -- I feel timid. Easily heartbroken but completely willing to try, try again, and when a piece turns out as this one did? Complete elation.
There's also a sort of first day of school feeling about my silver shop: who will be my first buyer? How will I grow out of limitations? It's kind of a dreamy feeling, kind of a too-much-sugar feeling. Very addictive.