Saturday, August 2, 2008

Up From The Earth

So in love with Wild Horse Magnesite. It is so marble-y and yet completely wild looking. I keep seeing it on those huuuuge completely delicious and wildly unaffordable Indian belts: the ones made entirely of sterling and insanely large stones: man oh man I love them.
I made something rather delicate with one of my stones:

it makes me emotional to work with silver: it's mostly tameable but kind of not and I feel a relationship forming with it: I have stopped holding my breath when waiting for solder to run: that's a huge step forward :) There's not the same feeling as I have when I tool: I know my tools by heart and fully expect the leather to behave in certain ways. I can look at a hide in the store and know exactly how it will tool. When I think of leather my heart grows big and my mind runs through ideas with a rather frantic pace.
Silver, on the other hand -- I feel timid. Easily heartbroken but completely willing to try, try again, and when a piece turns out as this one did? Complete elation.
There's also a sort of first day of school feeling about my silver shop: who will be my first buyer? How will I grow out of limitations? It's kind of a dreamy feeling, kind of a too-much-sugar feeling. Very addictive.

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