Sunday, August 31, 2008

Miracle Stone

Fire Opal.
It makes me feel so overwhelmed with love and gratitude that something so amazing exists.
Here's why: opal is formed from a combination of silicon dioxide and water. After rain and floods and the general watering of earth, water washes sandstone's silica with it as it descends into cracks and voids. When the water eventually evaporates it leaves behind a bit of silica, and as the years pass and waters continue to flow and descend an opal is formed.

Isn't that the darndest thing? And then people like me get to make necklaces out of them. Like this cosmic delicacy. Would you LOOK at that fire?!!!! I've found purple, green and red so far.

I know I made this with the understanding I would list it in my shop, but goodness it belongs to someone special. Someone who knows its fragile beauty ( more fragile than glass! ) and can nurture its well-being for years to come. When a stone is THIS lovely I worry for it and wish for its safe passage into years ahead.