Friday, August 15, 2008

Trust in Things Unseen

I have a girlfriend who just had a breakup with her boyfriend of six years.
He is of that age where men flounder about, sometimes losing what's precious in the meantime, only to resurface out of their cloud of oats to realize something painful and profound: the loss of a great, great woman.

This girlfriend of mine has no CLUE how amazing she is, and of course cannot see the future from here --
but I can -- OH I can.

It's remarkable.

She is a success.

She looks great and smells like Fendi Palazzo.

I made this necklace as a prayer, because I think we all need it, really. The message, that is: how hard is it in the midst of tragedy or pain to think, "Wow!! Someday I am going to look back at this and marvel at the door it opened in me!"

It's impossible.
But small things can be our reminders while we're doing the backbreaking labor of grieving and repatching our sweet, sad hearts.

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