Friday, August 29, 2008

All That is Good

I am the luckiest son of a gun I know: I have an internal magnet that draws good people. There is a community online I have come to know and they are rich in kind reciprocal words and deeds, and they never, ever disappoint ( though my expectations are nothing more than that we will silently adore each other if not say 'hello' on occaision ).
Today I received this bag from James of :

It was her hope that I would attach new straps to it and do with it what I chose: this will be a delicate surgery: it's made out of a woven wood of some sort, sturdy and delicate at the same time, and removing those rivets is gonna make me sweat ( 'baby.... Let the rhythm take control, let the rhythm move you!!' -- C&C Music Factory -- sorry got a little carried away there -- all of the sudden while writing I heard that "Duhn- Duhn- Duhn-- Duhn- Duhn- Duhn" that starts the song and so I indulged my early-nineties pre-teen self ) because not ripping the weave will be delicate, delicate work -- and you know what? I feel up to the challenge, actually! I have gotten good at rivets and somewhat graceful about unriveting things. Observe what I am going to be taking out:

Blow me a kiss for good luck across the miles!! ( Caught it in my palm and pressed it to my cheek, thank you ! )

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beweaver said...

I just discovered you and your blog. Love your work, your voice. Best wishes on your upcoming nuptials. Love to Jones and Jane.

So, did you finish this bag? I know you've been busy but I wanted to know how it turned out.