Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baby Steps

I just did something bold: I purchased 100 little small kraft boxes, a stamp with an 18th century drawing of a be-faced sun peeking out from behind the clouds in the exact size of the small kraft boxes and I got Moo cards (!) for the metal shop, too.
I basically invested in the future of my metal shop, with the expectation that more things will sell.
I sold two things this week from the metal shop and had nothing of distinction to pack them in, being that all my boxes are incredibly large given the size of the sterling goodies. I wanted to create a look that separated my stores into distinguishable individual shopping experiences.
Being that there are no guarantees for more sales I feel scared.

I felt this way a ton during the setup and tool purchasing time with Sunny Rising Leather.
Terrified, actually, even more so than now because I had never done it before.
Never succeeded in a new venture.
And then people asked if I could do belts.
And bags.
With every request I was re-terrified!!! What if I fail? What if they're laughable? But I still made them with my heart. Lost sleep over them. Did research to learn how they were made and who made them best.
I grew and shifted into that newness with relative grace.
I must trust that the way I feel about stones and metal will beam out of my heart the same way leathercraft did.
And that the boxes will get used, the stamps will stamp suns on outgoing packages and the Moo cards will be tucked in beside a little shining trinket.
And I must, must, must leave my fear at the doorway to my little orange studio, because taking it in with me would be the equivilent of writing a song in hopes that it would land on the Top 40 American Radio and so ignore the quirks that would mean it was born in my offbeat soul.


blog said...

who's the little angel in the photos?

Sunny Rising Leather said...

She's the daughter of a dear, dear friend.

Good Girls Studio said...

"Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see"
-William Newton Clark

...always lifts me up!