Friday, February 29, 2008


I made something I cannot fathom the end of making. Feathers, feathers everywhere....

Custom Love

I adore when a customer asks me to make a necklace I made once and loved eternally. I got that chance this week: thank you!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thank you, Plume

Thank you to the time machine that sent The Plume to us, because goodness knows she's straight outta the 90s......

The 1890s!!!!! ;)

Thank you Sue.

Thank you Schmilly and Matt E O and Jones and Jane and Mommy, Poppy, Terra, Julie, Amy, Jeremy, Bonnie, John, Beth, Tucson, Phoenix, India ( take care of my Amy, k? ), Bob's Old Tyme Peppermint Sticks, Phil, Hobo Vintage, Immodium AD, Natalie, Dick's Hideaway and Danielle for the text message of my dreams.
All the joy you brought this weekend made me make a necklace that is a statement of pure happiness.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wish I had this when I saw Dave Matthews

Instead I awkwardly toted around my purse....this was a while back, how could I have ever known that some day I would make something that I could use intead?
Something that allowed me to dance and use both hands, one to fend off the drunk reeling white-boy hippie dancer on my left and the other to hold up a lighter.
Alas, I cannot invent a time machine ;)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spammy Comments

Ladies and gentlemen,
I have been getting more spammy comments than the customer service inbox at Spam Canned Meats, Inc. Har har. They are rife with viruses and such, so beware the click of death. I am erasing them as fast as I can, but it's very disheartening, and they are extremely creepy. Do they get semi-literate octegenarian immigrants to write these things?

I don't like you, spammers. Go bother another blogger: I am certain there are many out there with a far larger readership :P

Monday, February 18, 2008

Using a 'Brad' closure

I have made a bag! In looking for an excellent closure, I found the amazing 'brad': it felt right. For those of you who have never used this form of closure before, here is a tutorial, so that you don't find yourself frustrated or ripping and tearing at your new heirloom quality purse :)
1. To fasten, bring your thumb firmly up uder the bast of the metal, with your forefinger and middle finger as anchors on top of the bag flap above.
2. Steep the round metal bulb into the center of the hole and push up with your thumb until it clicks ( albeit soundlessly ) into place.
3. to remove, push on the metal bulb with your thumb, your forefinger and middle finger poised underneath the bag flap to lift it as you push.

There you have it. Here are some pictures to demonstrate :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Love at First Solder

I made this bracelet today, in my first soldering class. Simple, elegant, refined, simple....did I mention simple? I will never take chain for granted again, as I now know how labor intensive it can be, at least for a beginner like me.
My last class was wonderful in terms of learning how to create something you designed and such, but the soldering was always done by the teacher, because there were so very many of I begin the long journey of a silver-filled existence, always striving to learn more, always seeking betterment. Kinda like leathercraft.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Courage, my Friend :)
There are several brave women in my life right now that need the tiger strength to make brave leaps into their own power and greatness. The Plume has already begun, and my London sister is taking strides.
Hell, I could use courage walking over the freeway passes to the post office ;)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Love Clutch

Voila :)
J'adore le monde, donc je fabrique le sac a main que dit, "L'amour!!!!"
I probably just said 'I love cheese''s been so long since I spoke French. Which is bad, really, because I loved it with an unholy passion. Until verb conjugation got to be too much of a hassle: I was in high school, and there were other things to concern myself with like boys and trying to be 'understood'. Ah, yes.

In current world news,
I was part of a wonderful group on Flickr called 'Design a Day' and yesterday I put in a picture of me shrugging in defeat, for you see: leather, even with the simplest of projects is a bear to finish. Then again, my version of the simplest of projects may be a little lofty...I would imagine I could have easily met the challenge without custom orders and this overactive imagination of mine that makes the humble though of a simple circle into a cacaphony of dots and swirls and off she goes to the studio to pick this uncreated thing out of thin air, not even knowing if it's going to go right. I fall on my face. I quit the group. Gosh, I am waaaay too serious. I wish I could laugh at my fumblings, make a circle and call it a day.
But I am always searching for the elusive masterpiece: the things that haunt me peck at my hands until I make them, you see. These weird spirits of bags and holders and holsters....when will I rest???? ( throws hand dramatically over eyes )