Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Custom Joy

This fills my heart to bursting!
Richly tooled Floral Raven Wing Cuff, a custom order.

The In-Loves are here and have been for several days, allowing me to 
work work work work until my fingers hurt.

Today we buy shoes for the babe and get him the agricultural tools he so richly deserves
and then I will meet my husband for a cooking class: Coconut Curry Chicken.

Life with Oma and Opa here is so flexible, so full of gratitude.

I hope your days, your week are likewise made better by someone you love dearly.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Leather Sale

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bit by Precious Bit

Perfect Orbit Studs
Textured Sterling Silver

Potential for Green Earrings

Seed Imprint
Peridot and Sterling Exclamation Points

For your dreams.


Late Summer Harvest Earrings
Brass and Heated Sterling
Jacaranda Imprint
Hammered Edges
Texture of Place and Time
Gorgeous patina and organic feel
Large Hoops

Robin's Egg Earrings
enamel on copper
sterling and fine silvers
elegant and simple
for the tailored type

with a bit of coastal forest inside her heart.

All of these can be reserved before they're listed Saturday.

write to me 

for more information

Notes on recent creation cycles:

I have dialed in my days in a glorious way, the lucky days that I get into the studio. There are about three or four of them a week, and sometimes I literally grab an hour or two while O naps, or sometimes the babysitter comes. Or Daddy takes over so I can fire or hammer. Those days feel like the luckiest.
Five hours or more in which to create.
What I've been learning is to break things into tiny increments, being supremely patient with the length of time it takes for something to become itself. 
All of the pieces you see above?
Well, they had their hearts written in sketches and dreaming many moons ago.
Bit by slow and patient bit they've come to be:
one solder join at a time,
one late evening moment to quietly file.
Mixed in with making these small delicacies I work on custom orders
careful to do so with the greatest of intention
because a LOT has been entrusted to be this time around.
Deep and beautiful healings.
Stunning ideas that blow my mind!!
The things I am building into their designs are so much more than metal, stone and hide. I have literally cried with the beauty these women have gifted me.
What a soulful bunch. What a precious gift to make for them.
This is my experience in the studio.

I have also worked self care into the mix of my hours, fully and powerfully aware that without
that piece I am so much less at peace in every aspect of my life.
Meditation is key,
sleep in decent amounts (though less than I'd like of course)
clean eating
intense and purifying exercise
sweat and exertion
and cooling showers.

My business might be very small right now, but I am growing like crazy 
my boy is growing strong and tall
and my center is holding.
I hope you are feeling grounded, too.

so few of you have the time to comment these days, I know how it is believe me...
but I miss your voices here in this space.

I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you that.

How are you, really?

With love,

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Walk A Walk

Or as you pronounce it 'awah-awah'.
Right now it's in your top five words and phrases along with 'Dahnnn!!' (down)
which of course allows you to awah-awah.

Today you referred to Grandma as 'Mum-Mum', which may just stick.
She's probably in the air by now
and my heart is going to ache when you awaken from your nap and ask for her,
curious as to where your new and wonderful companion has gone.

I will tell you that she went home and that we'll fly to see her in just a few short weeks
and you'll nod or stare and ask for more rice cakes or strawberries.

Ten minutes later you'll repeat the question and so on and so forth until you loosen your grasp on the mystery.

You may wonder why your mama is slower today than she's been in the last week
or where all the conversation has gone

but I could never explain to you now or maybe ever
why saying goodbye to a loved one is so hard
about getting older or mortality or any number of things that make life what it is
in its fullness.
Existential stuff that you'll cover in A.P. English 
but never begin to grasp until you're older.

Or maybe you'll be just like me
and on a summer evening when you're seven or so you'll sit on the back porch with me
and look at my hands, suddenly and horribly realizing that someday they'll look older,
that I will get older.

If you're anything like your old lady you'll freeze the moment
forever in your gorgeous brain, what I wore, the temperature of the air, the crickets
and the watermelon rinds on a brown and mustard-yellow ringed dish.

Maybe it will define the way you see the world as it did for me,
the constant urge to capture and celebrate the beautiful now
that blooms like a deafening and constant flower
somewhere deep in the fabric of the cosmos

or maybe you'll fly through your years without the heaviness of such creative
sensitivity, awash in numbers of sports equipment or chess pieces.

I cannot think one is better than the other, except that other options might be a lot less...aching.
Your mama aches an awful lot in the best and worst ways.

I ache
When I look at you
or your handsome Daddy
or my own parents

Time of late has been flying for me
though it has not even begun to fly for you:
I suspect growing bones and teeth and motor skills is arduous work
that adults would resist and bemoan.
I think there is so much bravery in being a baby.

After all these years of being a daughter
I am still somebody's baby: can you imagine that?
The very same hands that guided your stomps and steps this morning
did the same thing with me when I was small.

We are so lucky to know her, baby boy,
so lucky to be of her tribe.

I suspect by the way she made you smile that you already know this, that there are certain things that don't need to be taught to be understood.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Delicate Cycle Six.

A Little Grace Dangles.
Asymmetrical, American Turquoise

Both Sides Now Necklace.
Pressed Sea Plants vintage 2011
Sterling and fine silvers

Dragonfly wing swing bail
moving parts

Enameled Maidenhair Fern Frond Earrings
Rhodochrosite asymmetrical in dome height
fronds asymmetrical in number and length

fir fronds pressed into the sterling of the earrings
gorgeous ombre fade of the fronds

Jacaranda and amazonite double dangles
sterling chain connecting
pillow undulations
stunning patina

hammered edges
sterling ear wires


Short Jacaranda Ring Dangles
sterling connection
hammered texture
gorgeous patina
gently domed brass

This wonderful group of delicate lovely pieces will be in the 


Please feel free to contact me for reserve information.


Monday, July 15, 2013


I had an appointment this morning with our pediatrician
whom I adore so much.

When we arrived I noticed that Orion was signed up to see someone else, a lovely male doctor (ours is a young woman, younger than me) who told me the news with tears in his eyes

that the woman who has been our baby's link to all things health since his birth
has been diagnosed with a cancer that she will not recover from.

That she is closing her practice to be with her two very young sons and her family.

I think of her warm, kind eyes and I cry.


Remember that post I wrote here?
A friend told me not to be too proud to ask that it be so, that my mother come to see us
and without those words of hard-won wisdom I would have not blurted "now!"
when the woman who made me asked, "When should I come?"

She will be here tomorrow night very late.
She intends to be of great service
by helping
but honestly
I just want to look at her
and drink in the moments
because everything feels so darn fragile these days
like a loose weave spiderweb sweater

I just want to find good brioche with her,
watch her watch Orion's amazing little personhood
note and ignore where we've both aged
and appreciate the season of our lives.

My heart is busy beating prayers for our Good Doctor.

I cannot imagine the weight that a terrible prognosis brings
nor the choices that must be made.

I just trust that she is lifted by those around her
and made whole by love
which is our only true resting place.

Oh friends,
may we all live live live live LIVE the fuck out of life
until we are parted from it.

Don't waste another moment.


Friday, July 12, 2013

I Am a Fish.

Tides I trust and ride.
I move

and surrender.

There is no opportunity for wastefulness being a fish:
there is survival
and play
and rest.

Life is streamlined quick and beautiful.

We live in the deep blue
and die there, too.

you would call the existence of ours
in your rushing and plans

but I would say you've lots to learn from such beings
celebrating busyness as you do
and suffering for it in the worst most debilitating ways

Perhaps it would be nice to be reminded when you glance at your lovely wrist
to glide on this moment as you might a wave
as if you had fins
and scales
and an ocean in which to dance them.

To move with purpose.

Perhaps a slip of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise hugged lovingly in fine silver and copper
might help open a channel 
I could dart through with my beautiful scale symmetry
to invite meditation
and contemplation
into your harried.

To breathe
and adventure
and be in your skin
with the grace of something wild
and at peace.

I am a fish.

Tooled leather Fish Scale cuff.
Fits a 6-6.25 inch wrist perfectly.
Inlaid Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.
Double nickel snaps.
Rich early spectrum colors
lovingly and painstakingly dyed and painted and antiqued.

later this evening.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Asteroid Orphan

The most magnificent stone I've ever cabbed
the likes of which I'll not see again:
a Moctezuma Agate of such depth it boggles the eye.

Butter yellow
cream clouds
deeper and deeper green the further down the banding goes...

given a high high high dome on my wheels
and a starry shine

in a celestial setting
that echoes the big magnificence of a wandering field.

It remains to be sized, an orphan.

Beautiful, delicate, strong and very much of the heavens.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bubbles and My Boy

This kid.

This kid with his blond mop of curls
and dogged determination to always have just one more grape.
Master of complicated gibberish that ends with a sweep of the voice to a higher octave like a bird
whose faces are no longer parroting but his own take on smiles
laughter, misery and complaint...

This kid with my heart in his sweaty palm,
bubble soap landing like lace between strands of peach.
Who daily wakes me with an impatient tug on my shoulder
and points at a pile of books he might peruse while we wipe the sleep from our eyes
reading them to himself
laughing at his own storytelling
and tossing them indiscriminately about the bed and floor
with surprising strength for six a.m...

This boy testing the limits of 'no' and curating a constant verbal wish list
of Elmo and walks and his best friend Nathaniel and rice cakes and showers with Daddy
and one more reading of Fox in Socks...

this baby who is no longer baby at all, really, but a small human conducting ten thousand important experiments a day that counted together determine his relationship with the world
the mathematics of the soul.

This imp
who wriggles from my grasp and points to the horizon like a thousand explorers before him
who keeps me on my toes
and yet gives me graces like he gives kisses,
generously and with lots of slobber...
who hates naps and loves strawberries
who gives my life double the meaning it once had...

This one is mine.