Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bit by Precious Bit

Perfect Orbit Studs
Textured Sterling Silver

Potential for Green Earrings

Seed Imprint
Peridot and Sterling Exclamation Points

For your dreams.


Late Summer Harvest Earrings
Brass and Heated Sterling
Jacaranda Imprint
Hammered Edges
Texture of Place and Time
Gorgeous patina and organic feel
Large Hoops

Robin's Egg Earrings
enamel on copper
sterling and fine silvers
elegant and simple
for the tailored type

with a bit of coastal forest inside her heart.

All of these can be reserved before they're listed Saturday.

write to me 

for more information

Notes on recent creation cycles:

I have dialed in my days in a glorious way, the lucky days that I get into the studio. There are about three or four of them a week, and sometimes I literally grab an hour or two while O naps, or sometimes the babysitter comes. Or Daddy takes over so I can fire or hammer. Those days feel like the luckiest.
Five hours or more in which to create.
What I've been learning is to break things into tiny increments, being supremely patient with the length of time it takes for something to become itself. 
All of the pieces you see above?
Well, they had their hearts written in sketches and dreaming many moons ago.
Bit by slow and patient bit they've come to be:
one solder join at a time,
one late evening moment to quietly file.
Mixed in with making these small delicacies I work on custom orders
careful to do so with the greatest of intention
because a LOT has been entrusted to be this time around.
Deep and beautiful healings.
Stunning ideas that blow my mind!!
The things I am building into their designs are so much more than metal, stone and hide. I have literally cried with the beauty these women have gifted me.
What a soulful bunch. What a precious gift to make for them.
This is my experience in the studio.

I have also worked self care into the mix of my hours, fully and powerfully aware that without
that piece I am so much less at peace in every aspect of my life.
Meditation is key,
sleep in decent amounts (though less than I'd like of course)
clean eating
intense and purifying exercise
sweat and exertion
and cooling showers.

My business might be very small right now, but I am growing like crazy 
my boy is growing strong and tall
and my center is holding.
I hope you are feeling grounded, too.

so few of you have the time to comment these days, I know how it is believe me...
but I miss your voices here in this space.

I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you that.

How are you, really?

With love,


Emily said...

Your writing always inspires me to write. And...your work inspires me to buy :) or...want to buy. You know, that whole balance thing? I'm so glad you got some mama time recently. One of my favorite Minneapolis memories is sharing a post Thanksgiving dinner smoke with your lovely sister and mom. Ha!

Katherine Willis Pershey said...

I always read, rarely comment. Which is sad, because I so miss the good old days when comment sections were so lively - everywhere, including my own blog. I love that you share your work, and your process. I love what you create, and I love you!

Marcie Abney Carroll said...

I'll be the mother of a four month old in four days. Remember that? I'm doing only one thing these days but it's the most fulfilling thing I think I've ever done!

Allisunny S. said...

Emily!! I have the fondest memories of smoking with my mom and friends of Christmas Eve. For a bunch of women who don't 'smoke' we sure have great times while smoking ;) xoxoxo

Katherine - I love you tons. I would love to talk to you soon. xoxoxoxox

Marcie: oh heavens I remember it well...I am excited for you. Please let me know if I can ever support you in any way. xoxoxox

pencilfox said...

i am doing well. but you know that already. [ ~wink]
i love seeing your new creations.
and i love hearing about your life with the family.
most of all, i love your honesty and openness about life and how you handle it all.


Allisunny S. said...

Marie - Indeed you ARE :) The admiration is mutual in a big way. xoxoxox

Brandi said...

Lately I've thrown myself into my barn chores and farm planning more than ever. Being at home and with my animals allows to me to be more of the person I am. Allows me joy, fullness of breath, and gentleness and quiet of spirit. Allows me to grind down the heavy veneer of bitchery I wear to protect myself at work.
Your "a walk, a walk" post really tugged my heart strings. I think the same thing often when I'm with my folks. It's their hands, more than anything. What is it about them that marks time so differently?
Thanks, always, for writing. You bring up so much that sometimes I've forgotten to really give the space it deserves.

Allisunny S. said...

Brandi, those things you are doing sound so nourishing - I wish I could teleport and join you !! Whatever quiets our spirit is our true work on earth, job be damned :) xoxoxo

Sybil Ann said...

Standing firm. Hopeful. Grateful. Bloody, but unbowed.

mairedodd said...

this work of yours is beautiful and i fully appreciate the steps in which the pieces come to life. that is more the pattern of how i worked at the bench.
now? now - i am learning to find fulfillment with fibers, but would be lying if i said i didn't miss fire and metal. it's been 7 months since last i worked at my bench. i try to be patient with myself and to be gentle, attempting to allay the fears that insist i will forget how to do everything i knew before.
i celebrate your efforts toward living in balance - and in making yourself the priority you should be.

Tasha Imajin said...

I'm going through some growing pains. It's the kind that are uncomfortable and painful and causes many tears. I'm out of balance; my dreams have been dark and my sleep fretful. I'm trying not to worry about events that I don't really have control over, yet maybe I can steer in the right direction. Your writing always reminds me to take time for myself and fill up what needs to be filled. You're a teacher in the quietest and gentlest way and I love you!

emmy d said...

Ok, so maybe you were speaking to me today! It has been soooo many months since I have visited. Trying desperately to figure out how to grow and manage and work and take time and rest and feel like I am furiously paddling but can never get out of the riptide. It is good to come back to this space :)