Thursday, July 18, 2013

Delicate Cycle Six.

A Little Grace Dangles.
Asymmetrical, American Turquoise

Both Sides Now Necklace.
Pressed Sea Plants vintage 2011
Sterling and fine silvers

Dragonfly wing swing bail
moving parts

Enameled Maidenhair Fern Frond Earrings
Rhodochrosite asymmetrical in dome height
fronds asymmetrical in number and length

fir fronds pressed into the sterling of the earrings
gorgeous ombre fade of the fronds

Jacaranda and amazonite double dangles
sterling chain connecting
pillow undulations
stunning patina

hammered edges
sterling ear wires


Short Jacaranda Ring Dangles
sterling connection
hammered texture
gorgeous patina
gently domed brass

This wonderful group of delicate lovely pieces will be in the 


Please feel free to contact me for reserve information.



Sierra Keylin said...

The FERNS!!!! That enamel is the most delicious color :) Beautiful little collection of work, I love your earrings...Happy weekend!

mairedodd said...

perfection in balance of fragile and strong -

i wonder if these grew from a heart filled with questions on the bittersweet of life.
i read the previous post and the tears ran down my face... yes, awaken we must, to every single moment.
for life is precious -
and heartbreakingly beautiful.

Allisunny S. said...

Sierra: Ferns and metal together are like peanut butter and jelly :) xoxoxoxo

Mary Jane....yes...and also a long time in the making as everything is these days. Mamahood with a toddler is a helluva drug ;) xoxoxox