Friday, July 5, 2013

Sweetness Upon Sweetness

Today the babysitter came for the third time this week, unheard of luxury!!
I took the full five hours in the studio to play
and listen to music
and sing
(and dance)

I made what pleased me wholeheartedly
and found so much joy in the making.
I played with texture
and the layering of texture
and the translation of some things I've been thinking about lately
into the metals
I palmed
and struck.

I thought about the nature of renewal and how love fit in with that, humming
one of my favorite songs
that tied itself in to the work.
In a manner of speaking
a sentence became a paragraph
in three shallow golden brass bowls.

When the clock struck six I eagerly flew out of the studio
and scooped up my son and gobbled him up.

I have the weekend ahead to work on sketches for some of the custom spots I created a few weeks ago
and to gently encourage the rhythm that's been established these last weeks.


holds the
joyful and juicy fruits of my labors 

every atom brimming with something special
and nourishing.

Friend, I hope your weekend holds something really good for you.
Good food, good company even if it's just your own counsel you keep.

May it be sweet to you.


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