Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scarab Chrysoprase Saddle Ring

Something sacred

Refreshing luminous green chrysoprase for your heart

Ancient Legend has it that the scarab beetle rolled the sun across the sky.
I made this hammer-engraved insect
to roll the heavy rock from in front of your heart

So you can open your chest bright and wide
and shine your prodigious light

Because the world needs it
(that lovely light)
(your powerful heart)
so badly
and always

Fits a size 8.75 finger

In the Metal Shop later today


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Be That Which You Are

I've been thinking a lot about this post that I want to write, that I've wanted to write for some time to myself when I am lost, to newer artists starting out, to those in comparison-ruts.
Jesus is it SO easy to do, dig yourself that comparison rut and walk the miserable path every day, a sad haggard dog-artist hell-bent on being as ________ as ________ is
as we know
is never going to happen.

It's been a while since I've forgotten my own artistic beauty
because I've got this kid, see and they take so much time and energy that when I get into the studio
I don't give one single fuck about what anyone else has made or sold or blogged about
I just put my sweet little head down and get to work like it's….
well, like it's my job.
Which it actually has been for nearly eight years now.
My beloved job.

That is the first comparison death-knell you hear ringing in a minor key somewhere out there.
The job. 
If you have one working for someone else you've either got so much confidence in the balance of it all that you don't give a rip about what anyone else thinks
or you're feeling like the solution is to someday get out of that 'dead end' and be an Artist.
Capital A. 

Let me just take a second to reminisce about the glory of personal interaction
that being a receptionist gave me.
The warm, soft-lit places I further brightened up with my welcoming smile -
if you know me you KNOW I meant it,
the smile and the greeting.

No matter how much work I did I went home on time
and I was given a pay check no matter how that work was perceived,
no matter how I showed up for it.
Someone else paid me to support other people's dreams.

But before I accepted it I ached about it.
I would actually threaten all kinds of things to my boyfriend at the time
if I couldn't be an Artist.
If I had to stay in this job I'd _______ myself.
Poor guy.
I was really young and really frustrated
and really selfish.
And I thought myself much less than my friends whose music careers were on fire.
I was Less Than.

I think that's where the pain comes from, from the perception of superior and inferior and
our collective inability as constantly evolving creative people to just simply and regularly take a minute to breathe in the beauty of what we just made, regardless of how anyone else received it.
Or didn't.

You can have a day job your entire life and still create a body of work any master would be proud of. You never need to worry about how the bills get paid, so your freedom is vast though your hours logged might be a bit less.

You can be a full-time artist and do the same, or you can squander your hours away not feeling worthy of your situation, self-sabatoge at its finest.

It can feel difficult to create consistently and well and make a living as an artist
but once you've begun doing that (which is a small miracle!!) there are still comparisons to be drawn
if you're into that sort of thing.
There are a million more hoops to demand that you jump through.

Are you human?
Then you've maaaaaaybe compared yourself at one time.
You've looked over at other work and sighed.
Then you've likely sniffed around someone else's Etsy shop 
and wondered how they've managed to craft their work and promote so beautifully that 
they sell out in seconds.

The rough truth is that if you do these things and think you'll use a pre-owned dream
to further your own, the world is cheated of the greatness you've got, the greatness
completely unique to your hand and heart.

Don't waste your time being lazy. Time is the most precious commodity.

What if you smashed all the business models someone else laid out?
What if you took the time to set a new standard?
What if your path was so fresh and bright that you felt like a continent was discovered?

What if you embodied your own brand so fully that they could not be separated, the maker and the made?

What if you meditated on your future art?
What if you took those two hours tonight to sit quietly at your bench/stool/lathe/whatever
until something sang "Make me"
like Patti Labelle?

What if the world were richer with possibility than your tiny mind could conceive?
What if you ended up opening to that which made the universe
and it guided your hands through the process of the most ultra-cosmic brooch/table/belt/song/shoe/mailbox/yoga pose

And what if it all started
because you decided right now to celebrate the current situation,
no matter how awesome or shitty it is?
To say "I am here" with total acceptance and the spirit of an adventurer.
To maybe believe that failure is just a door way
or that mistakes are ways that Mystery softens our hard
in order to help us heal and create?

What if you were enough, you with your meh-ass day job
or your shop where nothing sold at all
or your failing brick and mortar?

What if you decided to own it all and move from this single moment,
listening closely and gently and passionately for the next instruction
from some celestial book?

And what if you took delicious and powerful action
over and over again
until there was momentum
and change?

I ask you these things in the spirit of artistic comraderie
I believe that there is enough ______ for everyone
and I so badly want for you to live out your finest creation
as fearlessly as possible
and with as much wonder as my child talks about the moon
and sun.

I want to make art along-side other thunder-and-wonder-struck souls.

Be that which you are
and make it as magnificent as it could be
day by day,
building a life 
anyone would relish living.


Friday, August 15, 2014

The Pause Before the Breath

We did it. Anthony's game ships in just four months and the 'sprint' is wearing down to just 
nearly-normal work hours.
The garden has half its contents still thriving in that crunchy August way that smells like decay.
I will miss those cucumbers so much.

O and I leave on Monday morning for a family vacation that was been desperately needed for so long.
Everything sold is shipped or waiting in boxes to be sent out with that wonderful push-pull that always
happens with my work, when the process has been so full of love that I am both thrilled and aching at once to see them go.

It feels like I've tied a strand of baker's twine around this life,
so neatly, so carefully.

Here it is, in my palm held out like an offering to God
from an eager Girl Scout.


Early this week I had a horrifying almost-accident on the freeway (driving by myself thank you Jesus)
that snapped me like a pea and reset my compass.
True north.
I can wait five extra minutes in the bathroom while we potty train…
I can bake that loaf of bread 
I can put less task in my list
because there's not a swell of strings when the show's over
it's just over
and when that black luxury car swung wildly and without warning into my lane and I danced blindly to the left over lines
(miraculously empty of cars in rush hour traffic)
had anything been different my current experience of life would be vastly
Who knows what it would have looked like…
all I know is yes, I will have that cake today
and yes, I will attempt a 125 lb squat even though I get all hot just thinking about it.
I will forgive.
I will heal the broken bits.
I will really make Jeep noises with Orion when we play.

In the middle of September I get my first session for a tattoo I've long dreamed of.
A protector. Big. On my arm.

All these things I've been waiting for…they're all coming 'round to call.
And I am dreaming again for SunnyRising, dreaming big
and making plans and designs.

Picturing studio space
and brand-grounding things like stamps and packaging...

picturing the day I show my son how to stamp
and how to make a bracelet for himself.

Picture myself remembering to consult true north before I act or speak
because you know how nothing holds you in breathess wonder forever
even though in a moment of miracle you're like, "I will NEVER go back to the old ways!!"
and two months later you're covered in Dorito dust binging on sitcoms.

So yeah, we're going to go sit by a lake and squeeze hands
and take grandma-powered coffee breaks
and kettle bell classes

In the meantime I don't know if it's ever felt so good to twiddle my thumbs
and pack slowly

I hope you all have the most special and sweet few weeks


Sunday, August 10, 2014


Spiderweb Squared Saddle Ring with Aquamarine. 8.5.

Ferns inside and out

Spiderweb Necklace. Chrysoprase. Carved Coral Rose. Labradorite. Feather Back.

Small Spiderweb Posts. Sterling silver.

The Soul of All Things Singular Magic Earring. Variscite. Lace Lichen. Feather.

Libra Earrings. Full Range of Motion. 


These beautiful and colorful pieces are the last of the summer season
for SunnyRising.

I am so excited to offer them,
and I am so excited to take a long vacation to be with family and rest.

I will be listing these and a few more things (already claimed and reserved)
tomorrow afternoon

If you wish to reserve anything you see above please convo me in the Metal Shop.

I also have something very exciting for the Leather Shop this week, also - toward mid-week. I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Just For Mama

In the midst of keeping everything tidy
and thriving
I've taken fifteen minutes a day to work toward spoiling myself rotten.
What is the point of making art if you never gift the hands that work
or the heart that lets it all come through?

I took the biggest, juiciest piece of chrysoprase my world has ever known
and surrounded it with pieces that are filled
front and back with great meaning for this time in life.

Self-care may be chaotic at best these days, but 
it is happening 
and this is all that matters

I hope you are tending to yourselves, dear friends
even if you do it sporadically
and furtively


Sunday, August 3, 2014

My What a Difference Two Years Makes

Back when O was six months old….Roaring Camp Railroad.

Today it was so mild and sweet that we threw out the idea
of an afternoon at Roaring Camp and everyone was game.

Though the sounds and sights were so overwhelming for him, O was
in deep shaky bliss for the vast majority of the visit.

just as we did the last time, Schmilly and I both filled up with
tears several times watching his experience, remembering ours.
Holding hands.

How did he do all that growing in such a short time?
The days are long and the years fly….
so they say.