Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Close Your Eyes….Open your Hand…."

What joy the above words made in my heart,
even writing them makes me smile.

Mostly my mom said them.
The unexpected.

I was good at closing my eyes and opening my hands as a cup…
I was good at getting.

Somehow along the line I lost that trust.
Playmates put bugs in my hand.
Smiles hid sharp parts that hurt.
Experience not as advertised:
Please read fine print.

Sometimes I shrink away
because life doesn't always put a sweet thing in your palm.
Sometimes it's pain
sometimes it's loss
maybe overwhelm

It takes bravery to receive in a world that is equal parts
joy and shit.

It takes a courageous heart to say 'yes' to things, 
sometimes even to getting out of bed in the morning,
to putting on pants.

This necklace is a prayer for your bravery,
for your blossoming.
After all these years I think the key is just to show up.
Be willing, present
To get bigger 
and Wider and let light into the cracks.
Your armor can wait:
today let's receive instead

Watercolor and enamel on copper hand. Robin's egg blue on the reverse side.
Fired just past sugar stage for a wonderful dappled texture.
Triple layer sterling silver hydrangea.

In the Metal Shop later.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Homage to the Night Skies

Labradorite, dragonfly wing, Star Lassos. Sterling Silver and Brass. 

Double star studs. Sterling silver.

Lone Star Spells. Aventurine. Amazonite. Sterling silver and brass.

Oak leaf and Kyanite Magic Spells. Shooting Star. Chain cascade.

Variscite and hammer engraved spider web spells. Impending spring! Chrysoprase. Pink sea shell. 

Friends, Orion turned three last weekend.

His incredible trinity of years on earth and the impending spring have been 
lifting me out of an exhausted funk.

He has been so joyful lately, so willful and astounded. Loving and stubborn.
I've been on my toes. Broken record, I've been doing too much. It's like balance has become 
the thing, all of the time. "I'm working on it," I say.

When the studio door closes behind me the scale tips and meaningful silence cradles me
and smooths the edges. I appreciate motherhood more for the slight distance.
I have things to tell him when I'm done.

Sometimes he comes into the studio with me and we tap on leather together. He listens to my instructions of where he can go and what he can do. It's no longer like the studio is only mine, he touches my life in there. This is very much okay with me.

Most pairs in this incredible round of spells are my celebration of him, my greatest love. My star,
Monsieur Petite Etoile.

When I make from this place of personal inspiration, this full place of utter adoration, real magic happens, beyond the prayers, beyond the medicine certain plants and energies impart to the metals.

I am really excited to share not just the elements and stones in these special earrings,
but excited to share little pieces of my mama heart, the second heart my body built when Orion was born.

Plucked from the night skies and

later today.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tomorrow's Magic.

Wing and a Prayer Magic Spell Earrings. Kingman Turquoise. Dragonfly wing. Birch leaf. 

Real Music Necklace. Labradorite. Jacaranda Seeds.

Simple Everyday Copper Fern Fronds.

Singular Magic: Jacaranda Edition.

Wing and a Prayer Amber Edition. Bird feather. California Fern. Juicy amber.

All in the 


by noon, Pacific time.


Monday, February 9, 2015

The Driveway

We snuggle.
We argue.
He pushes the buttons,
I give him the boundaries.

In me he has a forever ally
and a tough-tender supporter
who takes no shit
and gives her all.

As he approaches three
I cannot help but sit back and scratch my head
at how it all came to be,
how a couple who vowed childlessness came to 
place a small boy at the center of their hearts,
how we've put our souls at his feet
like tiny kittens.

The other night we took out the trash and it was dark.
We stood in the driveway and he was scared,
but in his brave fashion he just took it all in,
despite the discomfort.
"The dark is beautiful and mysterious," he said.
Phonetically he said, "The Dawk is Beautifuw and Mysteeewious!"
He says a lot of things like that, big words and small cobbled-together
explanations for the parts of life I've long accepted as mundane.
Taking out the trash, walking the dark driveway.
Beautiful and mysterious.
Good God, he is amazing.

It's like he carries around a dose of wonder and just injects it into stale things
and suddenly my world is so technicolor.

 I often ponder the curving path life takes
later in the evening after he's gotten out of bed twenty times
to not really use the bathroom
or just simply ask me again if I have a penis
or will I hug Giraffe one more time…

I marvel at how in love and terrified I am
being the mother of a child who ventures out into the world more and more
and how much I have to learn from his fears
and his observations….

so I watch him ride his trike next to me,
turning the corners so carefully,
listening so beautifully to my prompts...
I casually stroll with my heart in my throat
how beautiful
and mysterious
this moment is

in its vastness
and depth -

how a little boy
and my night-sky love for him
make me feel so small
and so very brave
on the groundless field of life.


Monday, January 26, 2015

Beauty-Fully Entrenched.

Barely There Golden Rain Seed Slip Earrings. American Turquoise. Carved Mother of Pearl Pikake Flower. Warm copper.

Hammer Formed Birch Leaf Earrings. Copper with Fine Silver Rivets.

Gem Chrysoprase and Maidenhair Magic Spells

Wee Fern Earrings. Sterling Silver.

It occurred to me as I was listening to my child singing and playing in the living room - I was chopping kale in the kitchen, trying to keep my veggie-loving Joseph away from our dinner,
laughing and setting him on the floor over and over again,
'the wheels on the bus' as the accompaniment,
I remembered my friend Natty's phrase:
"In the thick of it".

I am In the Thick of It right now with little time for the luxuries of introspective writing or leg-shaving,
big-time in love with the reasons why.

I cannot remember ever being so happy.
Even when I'm on my last nerve, even when all the boundaries are prodded by chubby fingers.

I have time to love.
I have time to make.
I have time to make love.

The Work and the Motherhood are symbiotic right now, each one healing up the pieces of me the other scuffs. They are not at odds. Nearly three years into their marriage, Work and Motherhood have found a kind of groove that gives them each their due, and while Work always knows that Motherhood rules, she does so with a gentle and compassionate hand and heart.

The latest fruits of these days will be in the 

very shortly.

They are positively vibrating with warmth and joy.

The loveliest day to you, dear Reader!


Friday, January 9, 2015

Here Comes the Sun, a Collection.

Golden Chance Earrings. Brass Hammer formed Jacaranda Seeds. Amber. Hand-forged sterling pears.

Lilypad Magic Spells. Chrysoprase. Sterling star.

Medium sterling silver hydrangea studs.

Real Music Earrings. Brass Jacaranda Seeds. Hand-fabricated hoops with catches.

The Green in Everything Necklace. Double decker brass clasp. Branch toggle. Horse Canyon Agate with soft facets, cabbed by me. Fern impressions.

Ginkgo Pepper Flower Simple Dangles.

Once upon a time Schmilly and I bought a condo.
We planned to be there for a long time.
It had the best high ceilings,
amazing neighbors
and smelled unreal, like fresh pine.

We bought it during a seller's market.
We paid insanely for it.
We felt so lucky!!!

Anthony lost his job.
We moved.
We found renters.
We mourned our exile from Los Angeles.
We lived lean: the rent we received didn't cover the mortgage.
Not by a long shot.

For the last six years we have made the choices that were right for us,
holding on,
digging in,

As of a few days ago, that lovely light-filled place
became the joyful home of another person.

It is out of our hands
and we cannot believe how light we feel.

The selling of that little nest was….

Banks are being extremely cagey.
It was like watching a Telemundo soap opera
and the lender was Senor Macho Solo.


Here we are!!!!

Here's our joy!!!

Untethered from the past we are dreaming vibrant dreams about the future,
the 'where's and the 'what's….

This little collection
is the result of the energy of that bouyant

the result of letting go
and breathing
and seeing the sun after weeks and weeks of rain.

Effervescent magic
in the 

tonight and tomorrow, listing as toddlers allow.


P.S. - please excuse the weird color snafus here on Blogger. I am not really technicolor in real life, nor will I be on Etsy. xo