Monday, March 7, 2016

Chasing the Sunset

Once on a plane ride home to San Jose we passed low over the Sunol Hills
at sunset. The earth was carpeted in this very same soft velvet moss green and my heart was heavy with yearning. 
All I had was city, all I wanted was what I was seeing.

I don't think we'd even considered this part of the Bay Area or the prospect of a move yet.
Tonight Orion and I got in the car and chased the sunset to my Happy Place.
As I watched the last light bleed hibiscus pink into a large dark grey weather system
I pictured going back in time and whispering into my sad younger ear
"Someday you'll belong to this earth. Just you wait."

Would I have even believed? And yet here we are, in love.
There are so many lessons in faith happening right now in our lives.

In the makeshift studio custom orders and bluebirds are diligently coming to life
and in the actual studio we've got a slight setback but a renovation end date sometime next week.

I really look forward to showing you around once it's ready.
In the meanwhile this view ain't half bad.


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pencilfox said...

his smile.
those hills.