Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Volcano Vessel Ring II

Early spectrum shades of flame orange and marigold
surrounded by clean work
and gorgeous gleaming copper
which will patinate to a beautiful autumn hue.

My volcano cones are a labor of love: multiple firings and counter-firing give the metal its made-up face, dressing copper up for a night at the opera.

In the center of the vessel sits a high-domed piece of Kingman turquoise
delicious and almost outrageous in its mineral hue.

Perfect band in size 6, gleaming sterling

fits boldly and best on an 'inner' finger: middle or ring
with beautiful code hammered in
whose meaning only I know

It is a prayer and speaks of abundance
and enough.

in the 

a bit later.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Heart Clutch

I suppose I could tell you about the stubborn chest cold that Orion gifted to us last week after we returned from traveling
(he chews on everything he touches: high chairs, tables, Lord help us)

Or about the really exciting leather pieces I have been tooling so slowly
so surely
in hopes of revealing them in November

Or give you the pumpkin flaxseed muffin recipe that rocked our taste buds
for a healthy treat

I could speak of seasons
and family
and the kernels of forgiveness that have blossomed into love
through tonglen
so much tonglen...

But by far the most compelling thing I want to share is this:
tonight in the light of the sea-scene lamp that Auntie and Uncle Rosie sent
I looked at Orion and saw him as a man
or more clearly
saw his immense potential
tightly locked for perfect timing in his tiny body.

My heart clutched at the moment
like a desperate lover being left

and I struggled under the weight of loving so much it crushed

I am mortal
and I love a boy with every particle of my reach:
that is devastation
and resurrection
right there

I spend my time with him


Thursday, October 25, 2012

By Lamplight

Night comes early here
and the chilly evening winds
make us snuggle up
in this cottage.

Wishing you cocoa and blankets,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lilypad Volcano Ring

First of the series is always a splendid child: it is the realization of sleepless daydreaming and the squeeze on your shoulders from all your training and striving:
you did it!!

Yesterday evening as I burnished the fine silver bezel round and round and round the dual-tone enamel volcano cone I beamed.
This is what I dreamt-
this color on top of color
the kind that makes you feel better just from looking at it-
verdant greens cradling peach moonstone
atop a shield of copper
in whose nooks sterling granules dance...

It is at once primal and modern
organic and architectural

luminous and patinated
with gritty heat-coloration patterns mixed in to the copper's warm sweetness.

When I tell you that the green sings, you must understand that it's not some simple melody:
it's an aria.

This ring is a size 8.5
and truly one-of-a-kind




Monday, October 22, 2012

Wedded Bliss

With friends so dear they're family 
we celebrated the union of Ray and Jo this weekend
in the wilds of California...

here's to a lifetime of choosing each other
and talking honestly
and working on a united goal with compassion
and passion.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Free Shipping Today Only!!

Happy Birthday to Me:

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birthday Eve

I've always had a heart that feels too big, aching with love
both unrequited and matched.

Life felt complete these past five or so years running this kick-ass business, loving Anthony and yet I wanted to have a baby more than anything 
before Orion was born. There was the issue of getting Schmilly on board, bull-by-the-nose style:
sometimes he gets nervous about big changes.

It's safe to say he now knows that O's presence in our lives is the most magical of all the things we've experienced. Through becoming three where there was once two we've survived the absolute darkest patches of our marriage and now begin to see the fruits of these past seven months...
I just said the other night that I feel like his girlfriend again.

One does not sign up for baby-havin' if one cannot fathom growing. That's fancy talk for saying that we've both had to get our shit together and be big for each other and for our son. I've owned a lot and shed outmoded ideas and habits along the way and though this place is certainly not the mountain top, I see my way down to the lonely valley in which all was darkness when Orion was born.

In fact this Monday I had my last regular therapy appointment for postpartum depression. On my way out the door I saw the next client waiting: a beautiful mother with a sleeping baby in a carseat. Her eyes were rimmed in grey and her smile was weak and brave.
I wanted to reach out to her and squeeze tight, whisper in her ear that this does not last forever, that there is a light and it will shine and there'll be understanding
and deep breaths
at last.

That humor, gallows or otherwise will breeze into days and nights
lifting the curtain that separates a new mother from the world,
lonely, wandering and wondering where that comfortable previous self resides.

There are choices
there is grace
and there is God.

No matter how many times we descend into darkness and rise out again
it always feels somehow like this time it will end us,
obliterate everything we've worked for:
after all, we may never have met this aspect of our personality that seemingly takes the helm and directs the ship, the thoughts.

I learned over the last several months through talking and experimenting that healing takes diligence and discipline as much as it takes divine intervention and relationships.
Sometimes that discipline means saying "You WILL go buy yourself that sweater, soldier!!"
"This is your day off, do not touch that keyboard, sister!!"
and some days it means asserting that you WILL work out today and get the endorphins motoring,
that you MUST let go of comparisons and negative thinking
that being alone with only your mind is worth the courtship
because this new part is still you,
is still worthy of love.

And so you love
and you slog through moments
and you love and you trust
and you rage and fear and love and slog
until one day your steps are lighter
and understanding blooms like a rose in rich dung.
Beauty from utter shitty shit and surrender and spectacular grit:
that's the way of it all...

tomorrow I turn 35.
I've never felt more purpose before in my life,
in my work or in my heart.

Every time I look at my son a bow unties
and I can hear paper crinkling
Valentine's day
church bells
train whistles
tin cans tied to bumpers
and the roar of the crowd....

'what do you want for your birthday?' friends and family ask on the phone
and I turn towards Orion and wink
while he giggles like we're in on something only the two of us know.

"Nothing," I say honestly.


Be Still My Heart



Monday, October 15, 2012


Thank you for the blessing of a second night on our porch,
Spider Woman.

This is your season and we are your biggest fans here.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

What are the odds?

To understand the miracle of being found by a turtle here at our little cottage
you've got to know that we live in a city
with really busy streets
marauding college students

but there he was
looking into the bathroom window
and originally mistaken for a large leaf
on Friday morning.

He is full-grown and likely ten years or older according to the reptile rescue he found a home with today - they knew his markings to be so beautiful!
His species is not native to California and it is likely that he was once a pet.
Marks on his shell edges indicate that he's seen his share of troubles while navigating 
this mostly-human part of the world.

Perhaps it's the wonderful course I am currently taking that centers around animals and soulful journeying
or maybe it's just the wonder of turtles, an animal I feel so enamored of
but I cannot help but feel chosen
to help
guide him to a warm winter home.

I am sad that we're not the right fit to house him
but so glad that there are good-hearted people in the world who love his kind.

Here's to the wonder of intersecting moments
and the serendipity
of souls.


Friday, October 5, 2012

To Everything a Season

This is the season of the orb weaver
of drying and dormancy
emptying and stilling

It is the lingering month of passion flowers and fruits
winding their way up the trinity of palms in the back yard of this magical cottage I love:
the season of mending and nesting
and preparation for things that come with the chill...

the time of year for tall boots, rust colored leggings and tailored navy blazers
thick Shetland wool sweaters and steaming mugs of Earl Red
spooning and cold toes
appreciating a handy partner
battening down the hatches and putting the seed catalogs somewhere you know you'll see them in January...
"Next year there will be a garden,"I announce to God and the baby
who burbles an appreciative 'Dadada...'


During this magical time post-September (land of the dog-baying blues good Lord that month is done!!!) I feel The Universe bundle me up
promising frost and pomegranates
joys and sorrows
soiled diapers and milestones
wonder like we've never seen on the face of our Orion

In this season of the orb weaver I am grateful for so much
and aware of my place in the world:

Orb Weaver half-belt:
Tooling leather, suede, enamel, graphite, watercolor, copper, thread, metal
26.5 inches end to end
meant to be strung and tied on the waist with a vintage (or new!) scarf
emphasizing that gorgeous whittle on the hourglass of the feminine form.

For inquiries and reserve