Friday, October 5, 2012

To Everything a Season

This is the season of the orb weaver
of drying and dormancy
emptying and stilling

It is the lingering month of passion flowers and fruits
winding their way up the trinity of palms in the back yard of this magical cottage I love:
the season of mending and nesting
and preparation for things that come with the chill...

the time of year for tall boots, rust colored leggings and tailored navy blazers
thick Shetland wool sweaters and steaming mugs of Earl Red
spooning and cold toes
appreciating a handy partner
battening down the hatches and putting the seed catalogs somewhere you know you'll see them in January...
"Next year there will be a garden,"I announce to God and the baby
who burbles an appreciative 'Dadada...'


During this magical time post-September (land of the dog-baying blues good Lord that month is done!!!) I feel The Universe bundle me up
promising frost and pomegranates
joys and sorrows
soiled diapers and milestones
wonder like we've never seen on the face of our Orion

In this season of the orb weaver I am grateful for so much
and aware of my place in the world:

Orb Weaver half-belt:
Tooling leather, suede, enamel, graphite, watercolor, copper, thread, metal
26.5 inches end to end
meant to be strung and tied on the waist with a vintage (or new!) scarf
emphasizing that gorgeous whittle on the hourglass of the feminine form.

For inquiries and reserve




Cat said...

Turn, turn, turn....

I'm glad someone else likes spiders too. Such wonderful creatures.

Cat said...


love and light woman of the hide