Sunday, July 31, 2011





So ironic that the day before I leave for a one day, whirlwind trip to Los Angeles,
my dearest Liane and her beyond grown-up Seamus (who LIVE in Los Angeles) would
be on their way north to Sonoma to see family....

Thank the Lord that I got a chance to see them over pizza, orange juice and

We snuck in a sunset bike ride
to cap off the lovely day in San Jose.


Saturday, July 30, 2011


Well, I got a wonderful email this morning from the vocal contractor I work for in Los Angeles:

I am going down on Sunday to attend a Monday audition for Oscar winning composer

and an upcoming project - imagine my surprise!

This means I will be closing up both shops for the better part of two weeks
starting tomorrow

and strapping myself into Brock

for an adventure!

Wish me luck :)


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finished Wings & Feathers


Laguna Agate, American Turquoise
Sterling silver

What a finish!


Arizona Turquoise



Clay Canyon Variscite Wing
Double Layer, riveted copper and Sterling silver


Dragon Fly and Bee Wing in sterling, separate pieces...

And that, my dears, is the last of the offerings for some time.

Please do CONVO

If anything strikes your fancy - I will be listing unreserved pieces starting tomorrow morning!

As of next Tuesday, I am off to Minneapolis, MN for a loooonnnnng week away to recharge and rest
up in the bosom of my nuclear family.

As Anthony is finishing up with MW3, he cannot come, but I'll carry a piece of him with me.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Priday Plume Auction

I am auctioning off one piece of the three
Priday Plume Agates
I purchased in the Olde Rockhound Parcel

In case you want to get your hands on it!


Concert Belt Bag and Sweet Things

Poppy Belt Bag - this one will be hitching a ride on some lucky belt (1.75 at the widest)
this summer!

Featuring a big old poppy, it'll likely be a rich deep brown or black with a red-orange bloom
all-outrageous-like on the front - I am so excited!

On the back where it snaps on to the belt: a tight bud, waiting for the right moment to open!

PS - the double wing clutch I spoke of a few weeks ago? Claimed.

Tomatoes - they're what's for lunch

For heaven's sake.
Yes, he's still beautiful and judging from this picture, sorely neglected
and in need of some pats.

Worry not: he got all the attention he so richly deserves....

(and Lord knows he is deserving!)

And then there's this tiny lady - I finally gave in and put a blanket on the kitchen table because she loves the light in there so much,
and now I come into that room at random, greeted by
her sweet
bird call.

(an arpeggio sweeter than any I've played on the piano, hers)

when she chirps she does it from her little belly, so the sound is accompanied by a funny looking diaphragm squeeze, like's she's a kitty pilates instructor.

Any way you cut it, they're pure love.

Have a wonderful evening,

Monday, July 25, 2011

Feathers and Wings, Revealed


This necklace in the works with the Clay Canyon Variscite and the double riveted wing is quite frankly the most arduous, rewarding and ambitious piece I've worked on:
the construction of each piece has taught me valuable, beautiful lessons.

It's nearing completion, and how.

Just had to snap a better shot of this stone once more...
when I say 'rare', this stone truly embodies that definition.

Another feathery rarity: a natural Laguna Agate drusy, peach and cream in its color scheme
set atop a feather

whose impression was beautifully deep!

Lastly but most assuredly not leastly, two small offerings to come:

a dragonfly wing (collected and gifted to me by the talented Laurie Brown)
and a wee bee wing!!

I have decided to allow all of these pieces (there will be a few surprise pieces)
to be reserved for the coming listing on Friday:


if you feel a strong pull toward any or all of them.


Saturday, July 23, 2011


I can think of nothing other than the pain felt around the world today.

I send out prayers like so many balloons

hoping they land somewhere needed.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

The last of the Jewel-hicans for a bit...

There is a metric ton of stuff going on around these here parts:
more than I could ever express
in ways more profound than I have words for.

All I can say is that I will be able to give more information
in the coming weeks -
in the meanwhile, there is a trip to Minneapolis from the beginning to the middle of August
and a winged clutch in the works Leather-Shop-wise.

What you see here may be the last of the earrings going into the Metal Shop for a while:
there will be a few feather necklaces next week
and an EPIC piece that ties in the wing engravings I've been working on forever with that

So lovely, today's offerings - feathers, riveted and decorated with small swirling circles
benevolently made by my drill press:
I can manipulate it to make these at certain angles, but it's mostly just dumb, gorgeous luck.

They're like crop circles for metal!
The feather was a pure white plume found on campus
on my way back from a lovely walk a few weeks back.

These are so divine, there are no words for the color therapy and healing they give off.
Prehnite with tourmaline inclusions
Mexican jelly opal beads
and a trinity of turquoise finish these beauties off.

They are utterly luminous.

I love the way they beads come in all different shades of orange, a monochrome rainbow of sorts.

Lastly, a pair of natural carnelian posts, perfect and dainty.

I will be putting these pretty little delicacies in the Metal Shop
this evening
and then walking thoughtfully through this beautiful summer evening to do some yoga
and offer some prayers.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dainty, Adorable Affordables

A tiny, triple rivet-centered Copper Flower, backed in sterling silver.

Dandelion seed "he loves me....he loves me not" earrings

nasturtium leaf 'Ashes' earrings

and heartfelt

-Made with love in California-

*in the Metal Shop tonight*


Monday, July 18, 2011


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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Worth the Wait...

This pile will last about.... ohhhhhhh.....

three days?

I've waited all winter, all spring
and parts of the summer for the perfect organic heirloom tomatoes...

South San Jose Farmer's Market,
thank you so much for providing them!!

With Lavender Salt and Avocado slices,

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You Never Did Like My Tenderness Much....

I know that you figured it would somehow be my undoing:

a sweet smile at a man on the street
trusting other women around my man
loving with all my heart no matter what the cost
following my dreams with caution and care
silent contemplation of bigger things...

So you took great pains to initiate me into the challenges of the world
starting with us:

you cheated
never fully giving over to love
because you had a wall around your heart
built of wild oats
and the complicated justice of youth...

When my life shed that relationship
I nearly closed every door, almost gave in to the attractive notion of a fortress:
it would sure save me money in tissues and cigarettes, now wouldn't it?



I stood tall and gentle
sternum to God
feet firmly planted in the good earth of California

Letting the very tenderness you so misunderstood become my finest attribute:

I've honed it
honored it
crafted a vessel out of it
with which to sail straight into darkness as easily as light
for both have immense gifts to hand me if I can just listen up and take care.

I know you've turned out to be a good man
firsthand: I am proud of you and I hold you and your family in my heart with great respect and honest affection

even more important than history and fortune,
the gift of knowing you has been the understanding that
water carves away rock

a calm, measured molecular song
as its gentle hand minutely sweeps away that which cannot be moved:

My tender loving heart is the strongest thing I have
and in its chambers everything heals
and leaves its perfect mark.

I built these earrings for a woman who needs to see her softness
as a warrior's strength.


Delicate Shields
Hammer formed
Maidenhair Fern Impressions
Tough like a memory
and tender as an open heart.


An Orphan Ring for Fertility


I've got fertility on the brain: I might as well share this with you, dear readers longtime and new -
I want to have a baby.

This was news to even me a few years ago: the biological clock had begun its incessant, loud ticking and I was taken aback by the alien thoughts that churned in my brain.

Babies in the grocery store lines made my heart burst
my friends' children were even cuter than normal, even mid-tantrum
I found myself perusing maternity clothes online 'just to see'...

All of these changes were especially jarring considering Anthony and I had agreed early in our relationship that children were not on the foreseeable horizon
nor did we think they ever would be:

there was so much travel, such joy in solitude and activities for two...
how could anything get any better than this?

Over the past few years we've both gotten on board the baby wagon in our own subtle ways,
and now we find ourselves beginning to hope.

To try.

Because 'fruitful' is such a frequent thought, it's no wonder this ring came to be:

it's a fertility talisman, filled with prayer for the realization of a dream.

It doesn't necessarily mean babies:
perhaps there is a job you're wishing for
a pursuit you're investing in
a volunteer organization you're passionate about founding

Starting on the upper left corner of this wonderful ocean jasper cabochon
there is space, first and foremost
and then a tiny bud
followed by a larger, unfurling flower both still too fragile to emerge...
the fullness of the wish is a trinity
of pure copper blossoms

hammer-engraved in my studio
and riveted with sterling silver centers.

I know this is meant for a very special, very specific woman
and I cannot wait to meet her.

If you feel that this orphan is yours, please send me a convo

And the ring will be made in your size
with great love
and faith
that what you wish for most will be yours
and then some.