Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Concert Belt Bag and Sweet Things

Poppy Belt Bag - this one will be hitching a ride on some lucky belt (1.75 at the widest)
this summer!

Featuring a big old poppy, it'll likely be a rich deep brown or black with a red-orange bloom
all-outrageous-like on the front - I am so excited!

On the back where it snaps on to the belt: a tight bud, waiting for the right moment to open!

PS - the double wing clutch I spoke of a few weeks ago? Claimed.

Tomatoes - they're what's for lunch

For heaven's sake.
Yes, he's still beautiful and judging from this picture, sorely neglected
and in need of some pats.

Worry not: he got all the attention he so richly deserves....

(and Lord knows he is deserving!)

And then there's this tiny lady - I finally gave in and put a blanket on the kitchen table because she loves the light in there so much,
and now I come into that room at random, greeted by
her sweet
bird call.

(an arpeggio sweeter than any I've played on the piano, hers)

when she chirps she does it from her little belly, so the sound is accompanied by a funny looking diaphragm squeeze, like's she's a kitty pilates instructor.

Any way you cut it, they're pure love.

Have a wonderful evening,


Andrea~CrowNology~ said...


WillowMetals said...

Can't wait to see the Poppy bloom!!!


I love the kitties so much. Jones personality is all over his face! He is so photogenic! And Jane is just so sweet! Love the photos!


Sunny Rising Leather said...

Andrea - you understand :) xo

Heather- Jones has the biggest personality of any cat I've ever had - and I grew up with 13! He's just so outsized, emotional and full of contradictions - sometimes he makes me furious, and other times he is a saint. He's 100% real :) And yes, Janey is made of sugar with a hint of cinnamon :) xoxoxoxox

Lorena sometimes ... said...

beautiful, all of it!!!

mostly though, YOU!

MrsLittleJeans said...

I admit I did not read a word, I just oohed and aahed over the kitties...xoxo