Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Orphan Ring for Fertility


I've got fertility on the brain: I might as well share this with you, dear readers longtime and new -
I want to have a baby.

This was news to even me a few years ago: the biological clock had begun its incessant, loud ticking and I was taken aback by the alien thoughts that churned in my brain.

Babies in the grocery store lines made my heart burst
my friends' children were even cuter than normal, even mid-tantrum
I found myself perusing maternity clothes online 'just to see'...

All of these changes were especially jarring considering Anthony and I had agreed early in our relationship that children were not on the foreseeable horizon
nor did we think they ever would be:

there was so much travel, such joy in solitude and activities for two...
how could anything get any better than this?

Over the past few years we've both gotten on board the baby wagon in our own subtle ways,
and now we find ourselves beginning to hope.

To try.

Because 'fruitful' is such a frequent thought, it's no wonder this ring came to be:

it's a fertility talisman, filled with prayer for the realization of a dream.

It doesn't necessarily mean babies:
perhaps there is a job you're wishing for
a pursuit you're investing in
a volunteer organization you're passionate about founding

Starting on the upper left corner of this wonderful ocean jasper cabochon
there is space, first and foremost
and then a tiny bud
followed by a larger, unfurling flower both still too fragile to emerge...
the fullness of the wish is a trinity
of pure copper blossoms

hammer-engraved in my studio
and riveted with sterling silver centers.

I know this is meant for a very special, very specific woman
and I cannot wait to meet her.

If you feel that this orphan is yours, please send me a convo

And the ring will be made in your size
with great love
and faith
that what you wish for most will be yours
and then some.



The Noisy Plume said...

Holy cats!
A baby on the horizon!!!!!!!!!
And this ring is a thing of beauty.

Cat said...

that ring is GORGEOUS!!!!!

thats all I got


love and light

Sunny Rising Leather said...

God willing and Heaven help me :) xoxoxox

Cat - love and light to you, lady!!!

heater a. said...

Oh wow, that ring is gorgeous!

Good luck on your new journey. We tried for almost a year with no luck. I was too focused on it, and it never happened. As soon as I let my thoughts go elsewhere, to finding a new job, and waiting a little while longer for a baby instead, BAM there she was. I'm 30 weeks now. I've never been a person that likes kids, but I've always wanted my own, if that makes any sense.

Good luck to you both, and try not to think about it too much. :)

Amy Nicole said...

Being a parent is the hardest and most rewarding job you'll ever have! :-)

tattooedblogger said...

Baby sunshine?!?....GO BABY WAGON GO....

MrsLittleJeans said...

This ring appears to do the trick... : )

jordan said...

you would LOVE being a mama, and be fantastic at it to boot! all your love and positivity would shine into that baby and make him or her a happy little bundle. i'm sending all my womanly motherly fertile thoughts your way ;)

Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

Goodness that is going to be one hell of a ring!
I totally hear you on the clock ticking too - my dreams of becoming a mom went into full blown yearning this time last year, and I haven't even convinced my man to go for the whole wedded bliss thing yet. Heaven help me!

Kelly said...

Motherhood is divine...tough but so amazing...really no words...just as there are no words to describe this ring! beautious...all the best to you on this new path!

Lorena sometimes ... said...

i can't even begin to imagine just how much you will glow . . .

you already shine so bright!!!

nova by tess said...

You will make an amazing mother when the time is right. My clock has been ticking for a while now and I so dream that there will be a baby in the future for us :o)

Tasha Imajin said...

It's the weirdest thing, isn't it? One day you realize you just ache to create a baby. I tried to reason that away. I don't want to be sick, giving birth sounds too hard, my body will never be the same... I knew it was time to start trying when no logical argument stood up to The Desire.

Best fertility wishes to you! What an exciting post to read. The ring is gorgeous!

bonddi said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I would scoop them all up. Perfect Goddess Warrior adornments. And, good luck with the baby making;)

Belinda Saville said...

Ohhhhhhh! And what a wonderful, wonderful mama you will make :-) The urge to create a child is one of the most powerful urges I have ever experienced. It pulls you in and holds on tight!

I wish for you a short and beautiful journey, my friend...may the fertility goddess smile down upon you! :-)

Gorgeous ring, btw!!!

With love and baby dust,