Friday, July 8, 2011

Ah, Surprises!!

Every 4th of July weekend in Minneapolis, MN
This intelligent, handsome man

And his tremendously incredible wife (my seeeeeester!!!) team up to throw a party of epic proportions - beers and sausages - 100 pounds of homemade sausages
grilled on their grill
some 300 people milling in and out of their house and yard over the course of a night
maybe more...

This year I surprised them with a visit, carrying a 20 lb. bag of ice behind my father:
B. Rose laughed
Julie fell back against the wall and asked if we were trying to kill her after she hugged me

it was a coup!!!

Hard to pull off since my sister reads this here blog and
knows every facet of my life
her instinct is fox-like.

Somehow we pulled it off!

I stayed for five heavenly days, full of cats and hugs and long conversations
about every possible subject

I love my family to the point of ache -
no matter how hard the distance can be, I feel so lucky to know this kind of bond.

There were pedicures

stormy skies and 27 mile bike rides through the Grand Rounds

perfect light

bungalow envy (my parents' bungalow has the most amazing woodwork!)

And then before I could freeze time, it was back to the airport
with a full chest
and a watery eye....

My seatmates were mother and daughter
and baby Luke

and we chatted and laughed and had a wonderful four hour

Schmilly met me at the airport and I tucked my newly shorn head under his
chin and buried my face in his barrel chest.

Inhaled the warm and familiar
wrapped my arms tight under his hug until we were two Lego blocks fitting perfectly:



P.S. Convo responses coming slowly but surely: there are a lot to attend to - your patience is lovely for certain!


Lorena sometimes ... said...

reading this put tears into my eyes!

every photo
every sentiment . . .

heartfelt and true, like an arrow straight through!

CA shines a bit brighter today. welcome home lovely, you were missed!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family photos. :)

MrsLittleJeans said...

so and your sister are like twins : ) xoxo

resolute twig said...

What a fantastic trip :) So glad you could be there with your family.
Sisters are the greatest!

Amy Nicole said...

Family is the best!

Anonymous said...

so touching
love the surprise
so good
the images are beautiful and the sentiments stunning
gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous
life is abundant
bless you

love and light

Sierra Keylin Jewelry said...

Such pure love, thanks for sharing Allison...

Andewyn Designs said...

A very special bond and easy to see from your photos! That 27 mile bike ride sounds like all kinds of awesomeness~

Hope your weekend is lovely~