Monday, July 25, 2011

Feathers and Wings, Revealed


This necklace in the works with the Clay Canyon Variscite and the double riveted wing is quite frankly the most arduous, rewarding and ambitious piece I've worked on:
the construction of each piece has taught me valuable, beautiful lessons.

It's nearing completion, and how.

Just had to snap a better shot of this stone once more...
when I say 'rare', this stone truly embodies that definition.

Another feathery rarity: a natural Laguna Agate drusy, peach and cream in its color scheme
set atop a feather

whose impression was beautifully deep!

Lastly but most assuredly not leastly, two small offerings to come:

a dragonfly wing (collected and gifted to me by the talented Laurie Brown)
and a wee bee wing!!

I have decided to allow all of these pieces (there will be a few surprise pieces)
to be reserved for the coming listing on Friday:


if you feel a strong pull toward any or all of them.



Nialah said...

Oh wow. Those are stunning.


MrsLittleJeans said...

that is some stone!!! xoxo

liz r. said...


WillowMetals said...

Ohhhhh all of them are so gorgeous! That stone is quite amazing and I L-O-V-E the dragonfly wing piece! I love all of your newest work Allison! Preserving little gifts from nature forever in your art! These pieces are going to some very lucky ladies! :)

Gemheaven said...

Wow I love pressing feathers and you captured that one just beautifully. Your work feels me with awe :)