Saturday, July 2, 2011

Holy Heck Beautiful Earrings en Route!

Carved grey moonstone
Jadeite green vintage glass
Mojito time!!!
This is the last of this kind of earrings: no more vintage glass in this insane color - boo!!

3 inch long shoulder dusters with
beautiful porcelain birds
and turquoise
the chain from which they fly is all sorts of beautiful, too!!

Simple onyx studs
for the understated beauty
with the nude wedge shoes and simple wrap dress.

In the Metal Shop soon!



Lorena sometimes ... said...

my dear, you will forever be jadeite to me!

lovely & delicate!!!

(i will keep my eyes out for vintage jadeite beads, and other such trinkets during my travels . . .)


Cat said...


love and light

Amanda said...

Those bird earrings are so graceful and airy!

I know clip-on earrings are stodgy, old-fashioned, and probably not very fun to create but if you ever decide to make a pair, I'd snap them up in a heartbeat! (I've tried multiple ear, nose, etc piercings and my skin throws a tantrum every single time. Sigh. Earring Envy!)

Belinda Saville said...

Ahhhhh, simply stunningly superb! These are such perfect little treasures :-)

I have missed being here, listening to your stories in metal and stone. Now that life is settling down somewhat, I will be visiting you often, lovely lady!


resolute twig said...