Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Indian Summer Scenes

Summer's End
Strung on cicada or leaf swing bails and sterling chain
conceived from the magical combination of copper, enamel, watercolor and graphite
these are portraits of the evenings that make a spirit feel wild and tame all at once...

you've been buckling down for autumn, preparing for the great things the chill will bring
while simultaneously savoring the very harsh end of summer
with its dried out greens and plants gone to seed...

and there in the brightest of pinks is the sun, going down in a blaze of California fire-season glory.

something clutches in your animal gut
and the wisest parts clambor to help:

"Let go," commands the head
while the heart yearns to pocket this moment
if only just to take it out in the darkest December morning and remember that not everything is
cold and steeped in darkness always...

easy to forget that in the depth of the freeze.
Surely an Indian Summer evening would feel good on the palm when February has been too long
and the snows keep coming...


good on the chest

RESERVED (reverse side of the above necklace!)

good in the mirror's reflection


and the velvet of your jewelry box.

Good all over.

These beautiful keepsakes of the season will be available in the 

in a few days:
 please feel free to inquire about pricing and reserves
via convo.

RESERVES PENDING (but feel free to inquire- will update when the reserves are complete)

One other little delicacy I am so excited to offer are these:
a trinity of volcano rings - orphans all.

On the tasting menu:
 mint/lightest pink and ocean jasper
ballet nude/clear orange/pink with turquoise
butter and marigold yellows with carnelian

On, they are a smaller version of my lovely prototype enamel volcano ring.

Requests for reserve can be made


I have some very exciting half-belts on the block on the Leather Table
and tomorrow
I will be offering


big bag custom order listings.

Keep your eyes open if you've ever wanted a custom bag 
and feel free to peruse the 
sold items

to get an idea of what's been made in the past.

Hoping all is going really well in your world tonight:
I am still bowled over by the amazing response to the 'Authenticity' post:
you're a great bunch
and I treasure reading your thoughts and stories.

Thank you for being here.

Sunny One


Ash said...

What glorious colors, Allison. Each an exquisite piece of art...just beautiful!

Melissa Meman said...

oh my gosh, Allison, I am so knocked out by your enameling! I do torch-fired enameled with the immersion process, but this just blows me away! I had already fallen in love with your metal and leather work!!

thewindhover said...

What breathtaking scenes, I think the wearer would feel an instant warmth of sunshine regardless of the weather outside! Love to you...

Cat said...

I missed all these creations
they are delicately beautiful
a call from the past
a hope for tomorrow
and remembering of days gone by...
childhood, grandmothers back porch and raiding moms jewellery box

love and light