Sunday, October 14, 2012

What are the odds?

To understand the miracle of being found by a turtle here at our little cottage
you've got to know that we live in a city
with really busy streets
marauding college students

but there he was
looking into the bathroom window
and originally mistaken for a large leaf
on Friday morning.

He is full-grown and likely ten years or older according to the reptile rescue he found a home with today - they knew his markings to be so beautiful!
His species is not native to California and it is likely that he was once a pet.
Marks on his shell edges indicate that he's seen his share of troubles while navigating 
this mostly-human part of the world.

Perhaps it's the wonderful course I am currently taking that centers around animals and soulful journeying
or maybe it's just the wonder of turtles, an animal I feel so enamored of
but I cannot help but feel chosen
to help
guide him to a warm winter home.

I am sad that we're not the right fit to house him
but so glad that there are good-hearted people in the world who love his kind.

Here's to the wonder of intersecting moments
and the serendipity
of souls.



mairedodd said...

here, here -
what a fortuitous little being you drew to you, enriching both your lives...

Allisunny S. said...

I adore him, he brought magic with him :) xoxo

thewindhover said...

oh la la! how marvellous!

kerin rose said...

...turtles always do...bring magic, that is....:)...xx

Valerie Brown said...

Poor little fella! I'm so glad it found it's way into your yard, so that you could get it too safety.