Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lilypad Volcano Ring

First of the series is always a splendid child: it is the realization of sleepless daydreaming and the squeeze on your shoulders from all your training and striving:
you did it!!

Yesterday evening as I burnished the fine silver bezel round and round and round the dual-tone enamel volcano cone I beamed.
This is what I dreamt-
this color on top of color
the kind that makes you feel better just from looking at it-
verdant greens cradling peach moonstone
atop a shield of copper
in whose nooks sterling granules dance...

It is at once primal and modern
organic and architectural

luminous and patinated
with gritty heat-coloration patterns mixed in to the copper's warm sweetness.

When I tell you that the green sings, you must understand that it's not some simple melody:
it's an aria.

This ring is a size 8.5
and truly one-of-a-kind





Cinder said...

I love your ring and all of your new adventures in enamel.

I wish I could be an apprentice to you and glean some of your knowledge of all things silver, copper, enamel, stone, and leather....I'll leave the singing to you. I'm a lost cause in that department!

I enjoy your blog. I am only an occasional commenter, however I am always here reading the latest.

Allisunny S. said...


That you stopped to write to me means more than you could know - thank you!!!