Friday, July 12, 2013

I Am a Fish.

Tides I trust and ride.
I move

and surrender.

There is no opportunity for wastefulness being a fish:
there is survival
and play
and rest.

Life is streamlined quick and beautiful.

We live in the deep blue
and die there, too.

you would call the existence of ours
in your rushing and plans

but I would say you've lots to learn from such beings
celebrating busyness as you do
and suffering for it in the worst most debilitating ways

Perhaps it would be nice to be reminded when you glance at your lovely wrist
to glide on this moment as you might a wave
as if you had fins
and scales
and an ocean in which to dance them.

To move with purpose.

Perhaps a slip of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise hugged lovingly in fine silver and copper
might help open a channel 
I could dart through with my beautiful scale symmetry
to invite meditation
and contemplation
into your harried.

To breathe
and adventure
and be in your skin
with the grace of something wild
and at peace.

I am a fish.

Tooled leather Fish Scale cuff.
Fits a 6-6.25 inch wrist perfectly.
Inlaid Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.
Double nickel snaps.
Rich early spectrum colors
lovingly and painstakingly dyed and painted and antiqued.

later this evening.


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