Wednesday, June 19, 2013

To Mother You

Some days in spite of (or maybe because of?) the myriad and deeply responsible roles I play
I want to curl into a ball and put my tired head on my mother's lap
like I did when I was little and didn't feel so hot,
falling asleep to the voices on Pittsburgh's KDKA Evening News.

I want her to spoon feed me warm sweet potatoes with salted butter
until I am brave and adult again.

I want to lean against a small mountain of pillows and have her read me The Maggie B.

I want my Mommy, dammit. 
I want my Mommy.

Sometimes we just need the loving touch of our mother or a mother-in-law or a mother-figure...
heaven knows not every mother does it well enough for her grown child to think, "Gosh I'd love it if my mom was here right now..."

Lacking a maternal hand
it can be enough just to have the space to fall apart.

I think of God's palm
and the cradle I find there frequently.

No matter the excellent nature of our lives
the lovers or husbands who hold us well
the fabulous careers
or wonderful children
or the lack of all of the above


These earrings are a golden shining cradle
for a woman
for a heart
for her tiredness and vulnerability

for a spirit
in need of sweet potatoes
and gentleness

Hand fabricated start to finish
of hammer formed textured and riveted brass
sterling and fine silvers
with gorgeous shining bits of amethyst
to sing in your ear
or whisper as you walk those mean streets

"Shhhhhhh...shhhhhhh....there there now"




MJ said...

Looooove this post!!!! I have felt this way so many times since becoming a mama, and my own love and gratitude for all the times she was there, even when I didn't notice :). Life is a spiral...

ps. the earrings are just beautiful

Cat said...

Amen sister
you preached from the mountain top
thats an amazing thing

now it is time to rest : )

love and light

Sybil Ann said...

Oh yes. In the detritus of my former life. In extremis. Amid the damaged souvenirs I could not sell for any amount. In. MY 50s! I only wanted my mother.

pencilfox said...

i need me some mothering.
right now.

it's always good to stop in and see you
you make me feel all mothered.