Saturday, June 1, 2013

Feeling Saturday

Gentle reader, meet Leela. Leela, meet these lovely souls.

It was finally finally finally time. After eighteen months of having a Jones-shaped hole in my heart the
moment came to share our home with a new four-legged person.

I don't even remember where I was, just that I felt compelled to start looking.
I found Leela on the Silicon Valley Humane Society website, a picture that was blurry at best and showed me the things I most wanted to see:

a gentle spirit
and the markings of Akua.

I feel like both boy cats sent breadcrumbs so I could find this tiny girl. 

and oooooh is she tiny!
And gentle and prancy-dancy
and her eyes are so dreamy blue-green...

The three humans here are pretty much obsessed...


over. it. 
She is really having a rough time adjusting though I've been very slow to introduce the two,
employing a gradual approach to ease our dear older girl into the acceptance that she has to suffer another young thing in her business.

Oh Janey.... I hope you'll thank us someday. 

Orion seems to want to share her breath he's so excited.

Mostly though we're all just happy to be here together on a nice hot San Jose Saturday
in the cottage
hanging out with a leaping kitten
and a nice breeze coming through.

I have a gift to share with you in the coming days
that may be of service to your hearts.

Till then


pencilfox said...

that sweet leela is an old soul: it's obvious when looking into her eyes....


DJ said...

Oh my goodness! What a cutie :)

Ash said...

With a face like that, it's easy to understand why her ancestors were worshipped! =)

Joanna DeVoe said...

Leela!!! What a cutie. No wonder you're all so excited.

And- I didn't know Jones passed on. R.i.P. Jones -xo

Cat said...

she looks like You!!!!

love and light