Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Lighter Elements Ring

Oh how I love lighter elements...
the wind
the water
the wings...

instead I am of the earth, of fire
heavy with good intentions and fecundity.

I create
I nurture
I burn

My physique has the bottom-heavy curves of an ancient statue
and my appetite is boundless.

The idea of sitting with my feet in mud comforts me, makes me sigh relief.

I love these things of amber and red, I hold them dear
I dream of flight
and fins.

I find the balance in my airy friends
in their laughter like river currents
and their limbs
that move gracefully
making salad
teaching yoga

I drive to the ocean
and sit at the edge
with the gulls and the pipers.

Sometimes the pendulum swing comes from the intentions in my favorite jewelry
or the weight of a lighter energy stone in my palm
or in my pocket for the day

The opposite applies, too -
when the fire goes out or I lose my footing it's time to do the work to rekindle 
and reground.

I wear my amber ring
and drive to the redwoods.

This ring blends water air and earth
in a potent spell
of peace and plenty.

Its band is a feather,
its stone is a collector's plume agate that I cabbed
here on my wheels.

In the light the plumes dance in and out of their watery agate like kelp beds,
connected to the earth
immersed in the ocean.

It is soulfully luminous

Stone and setting measure nearly two and a quarter inches long
and the band will fit a u.s. size 8 finger.

Start to finish every centimeter of this powerful companion was made here
with tender love and prayer.




Cat said...

wow Al...this is stunning...the stone is simply magic
like a world I could loose myself in...in the most beautiful kind of way

and hey
have I told you lately that I love you?
I do
I love your heart

love and light

Joanna DeVoe said...

Gorgeous. Loves me a really BiG ring & the details you add are always so lovely.

pencilfox said...



Two B's said...

One of my favorite stones to cut and set! Beautiful!