Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rock Stars

One stunning faceted Laguna Agate Cabochon (the creamy yellow beauty's already gone) and a wowsers-big collector's Brazilian Agate.
This week on the wheels was really something.

Having lived in California for the last decade (what???!!) 
I see this as fire in the hills obscuring the sun and turning the air gold.
Smoke signals of the natural kind.

54mm X 30mm

I still haven't decided if I can part with this beauty...rockhounds are a curious kind
and I try not to hoard my gems but sometimes...sometimes it's tough not to.

If this one calls out to be in your work, contact me: I could go either way.

The delicate prettiness of this Laguna Agate is something to behold.
It looks angelic and its underside is rich with parallax.
Soft lavender banding
is overlaid with the lightest gray lace
and two colors of moss ground the picture.

A healed fracture runs a burgundy line through the bottom point.

I work the edges to not be razor sharp: I set primarily with bezels and it's imperative to me that if you're going to cab a rock for people who likewise work with bezels, slightly softened edges make all the difference in the world.

crisp facets - Seven sides: auspicious.

The Laguna will land in the Lapidary shop tomorrow!

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