Tuesday, June 11, 2013

All is Well

There was very little sleep past night: we were up in shifts, managing our first fever with the babe.
Cold compresses, sad little whimpers that broke my heart into pieces.

The heat came on quick in the Seattle airport on our way home from a trip to see friends that filled my soul up to brimming with goodwill and peace. These things carried me through the plane ride
with Orion stretched out limp and hot across both of our laps
patched with cold towels from the concerned stewardesses and bottle after bottle of water.

These things of friendship carried me home.

I am so solitary so much of the time that I forget how much in-the-flesh friendships can change the very feel of the world. I forget how much I need conversation and care beyond the sweetness that Anthony and I know after work and on the weekends.

My time with the Dove and a host of heavenly others had me hankering for regular good-natured debates and the power of women sitting in circles with great brains and white wine and the ability to think and respond to new and age-old ideas alike with wit and sass and love.

I returned here dreaming of returning there.

The babe was cool to the touch when I laid him down for a nap a little while ago.
In the midmorning he pointed to his molars and made very sad faces.

Leela sleeps on my lap with the bonelessness of kittenhood and my mind swims with the things I'll do in the studio later today. All is well.

May it be so for you, too.



Cat said...

So glad your sweet little man is feeling cooler. I envy your kitten bones. The only thing I would change about our monster cat is I wish he had found us in that toothpick-bone stage.


MrsLittleJeans said...

what a relief...and so good that you went and that you are back in the company of loving furry friends...xx

Cat said...

it is so good to re-connect with the souls of our circle
what a blessing for you A!
You The Dove and The Babe...yummy...topped with those cute pups!!!

I love your words and reflections here
they resonate deeply
like at one time
I may have written them myself
you are a treasure

love and light

sassysistersink said...

so glad that little O is on the mend! it is heartbreaking to see them suffering.
you often manage to post words that seem to be directed right at me. last week it was the grace post, and just yesterday i realized that i need to spend more time in the company of friends that buoy my soul. i, too, tend to isolate which is at once very lovely and very lonely. balance. why is that such a challenge?

Sybil Ann said...


thewindhover said...

Ohhh! Sorry to hear of little O's fever woes, so sad when your little person is sick (and actually, I wonder if our nights have been so horrid because of Reu's molars coming through too!) but what love to hear of fellowship with kindreds face to face... I look forward to the day I might meet you! xx

pencilfox said...

such wonderful news that orion's fever broke.
and such wonderful news that your spirit now soars after being bolstered by galpal love and attention.

that wee kitty. she's the cat's meow, eh?


Allisunny S. said...

Wish there was time to respond to each comment, but know this - I love you all and appreciate that you took the time to write your tender and supportive words. It changes my day for the better. Thank you!! Xoxoxo