Monday, June 17, 2013

To Be of Service

Note: Holy Lord of the Dance, you are awesome awesome women.
Tonight I am heady with gratitude and prayer.
Thank you.


My hands are so very capable.

I make what my heart demands so much of the time, and quite frequently it has a match, a person whose cells vibrate with the same sense. That is so gratifying I cannot even explain the joy of it. 

Sometimes, though, the nature of making requires more than what the artist's brain sings.
Sometimes being of service means creating with someone else.

It is is in the spirit of this place
that I am opening up several custom spots in the 

I feel almost religious about this right now.
I feel called.

This only happens a few times a year and I intend to relish every second of this creation meditation
from start to finish.

Here is what can be expected if you order something custom from me:

1. The wait time will be 6-8 weeks. 
2. It will be beautiful.
3. It will be built to last.
4. The initial deposit of thirty dollars holds your piece for you, the remaining balance will be due upon completion.
5. I am thrilled and excited to work with you.

These listings will go up today: after you nab one, send me a convo and tell me your dreams or send a link to something you've long loved that sold too quickly.

I am kind of giddy to do this again after January's lovely lovely experiences.

With a servant's heart,