Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Best Nest Heirloom Clutch.

It is complete.

The clutch that was years in the making is now complete.

With its last stitch in place I just wanted to yodel.
I wanted to yodel something German and jubilant.

Sadly I studied French instead and though I can sing I most assuredly cannot yodel, not even an approximation.

I settled for turning it over again and again in my palms with my heart ablaze, wondering at its delicate strength.
The most arresting feature beside the blossoms of varying color and depth
is the double-inlay nest.

We read "The Best Nest" and "Are You my Mother?" around here nearly every night
and surely having a baby will put it in a designer's mind to work a nest in something somewhere
but truly, this nest IS best.

It is a nest for memories still unlived, moments not yet crystallized.

Can you imagine the beauty of a life that begins tucked in the midst of outrageous florals?
Great things will come of those two egglets, I just know it!!

The amount of tooling and color involved is this heirloom beauty is staggering. Drunkenly staggering.
Dry-out-overnight-in-here-guy staggering.

With my maker's mark sweetly secreted away behind the inside edge
and the rose-violet suede lining so scalloped and pretty
this extra long (13.5 inches!) clutch sings a summer song.

I can also hear in it the song of decades and centuries. This is one for the precious moments, the one that Gran gives her girliest grand-girl along with the stories of that first date with Poppa
and the wishes for her own joys to be stashed in its softness.

The prom
the romantic getaways
the please-forgive-me-honey dinners while the babysitter stays up
the milestone moments of a life.

Before it belongs to someone these memories remain in utero
a thing to be cracked open to the light of life's infinite possibilities

And this lush work of art becomes the best nest for their waiting life.
Practically pregnant with possibilities.

If it is yours may it yield you ten thousand joys for the taking
and if you've just come to look and run your eyes over the rich dimension of the carving and tooling
may all the things represented in this creation be yours
as energy travels without fail to its match. 

It is perched



Cat said...

that-is-WTF I can't even find a word!!!
let me say this
I am so HAPPY that is has a fantastic price tag to go with it
because honey
that piece is beyond treasure!

good for you girl
you are amazing

love and light

Hollie said...

I swear my jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw this on Facebook yesterday. It is just such a effing amazing piece of art. You should be so proud of this lady, if I had the extra funds in our budget this would be mine!

pencilfox said...

holy coyote....
that's one magnificent work of art!


Allisunny S. said...

Thank you for the encouragement - it can be hard to ask for what so much time is worth :) xo

Allisunny S. said...

Hollie Beauty, ten thousand thanks :) xo

Allisunny S. said...

Holy pencils, Fox ;) thank you my dear!! Xo

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Staggering. I was saying in my mind "her talent is staggering. Boundless. Staggering!!" and then I read your words... "staggering". Indeed.