Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Little Lift

I am pretty sure it happens to all of us at some point or another during a day:
the drop.
The existential mini-howl.
I am also sure that there are days it would be so nice to have an IV of encouragement
or hugs or something to get up underneath our heavy carcass and pull us back to our feet.

A Little Lift 
Some wings
a bit of breeze
and with those things,
a takeoff

Did it start when someone cut you off in traffic?
Perhaps your beloved mini-shunned you or said the wrong thing?
Maybe it seems as if the fall happened for no reason, that you were simply sitting and enjoying a cup of something delicious and the chill started at your solar plexus and went north
or south as it may have done

I often marvel at how 'out of nowhere' the tiny grief comes
but even more awe-inspiring is the bounty of graces that follow on its heels
in minutes
or days


The Little Lift.

A call from a really good girlfriend overdue for some shop-talk
or just a walk
through the neighborhood to see those flowers whose blooming time has finally come

Though heavy and tired the small shift buoys the sinking thing 
and sets you back in a good current
at the proper time

As lightly as a butterfly wing catching air

taking you gently back

to what nurtures you best.

This small series of butterfly pieces (two more to come next week)

can be found




pencilfox said...

i'm so glad you always care enough to drop in and see me.
i send you love and light and all sorts of encouragement: the work you do is a lovely thing.


Cat said...

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
saw this on your face book paged
which linked me back here
which made my heart soar and made me very very very very excited
absolutely breath taking A
truly truly truly

they are so special
just like their creator

thank you for sharing your gift with us
you are a ray of sunshine...♥

love you

love and light

Cat said...

PS Happy Mother's Day : )

love and light my lovely friend