Friday, May 17, 2013

Sweet Little Things

Schmilly and I just sat at the kitchen table and talked about our true reality after dinner and a West Wing episode.

We both have been enjoying Orion with such a passion that we yearn for another child
and yet we understand ourselves to be best as parents of one.
One amazing outrageously special boy.
Our capacity for chaos as two introverts is limited.
My work is so like a living thing that I already feel like a mother of more.

It was beautiful, our talk.
It was so bittersweet to come to the conclusion that if we were other people we'd do things differently
and to laugh through our misty eyes about the things we've done well and terribly.

We were the best of ourselves showing up for a meeting over Nutella out of the jar 
and bare feet up on the chairs.

I love that man. 

I also loved this week. I finally got the use my hollow form skills I learned from Alison Antelman a few months ago.
I paired the gorgeous high form with an extinct volcano cone, hammer engraved maidenhair ferns and an opal doublet with crazy fire.

This one's mine, but I am thinking of maidenhair engraving and turquoise...Sleeping Beauty turquoise to be exact.

Orion learned how to blow kisses and charmed every stranger we met out this week. Being in line at the post office is too fun when he's there - people try to be grumpy and sigh but he just lights them up like Christmas. Puppies and babies, man....puppies and babies.

I made the sweetest simplest summer flower cuff for the Leather Shop

It fits a size 6 - 6.25 inch wrist. The fit should be a bit jaunty, not skintight.
Summer is not the time for anything that confines or rubs too much.

I hope to head over and tuck it in the Shop tomorrow afternoon. 

We had a bit of rain, some seriously lovely walks around the neighborhood
and lots of snuggles both two and four legged...
speaking of which, Janey keeps trying to walk onto my laptop, a sure sign to 
close it up and do some chin-scratching.

Have the most beautiful weekend, my dear reader.

May you do exactly what you wish!