Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Are You My Mother?

Orphan Volcano Ring of such gentle beauty




pencilfox said...

alrighty then.
a turquoise orphan volcano.
i'd adopt ANYTHING turquoise.
and be its mother.

* love *

v said...

beautiful, like everything else that comes out of your lovely hands. i have a weakness for that robins egg blue color..seems like i can't get enough of it.

i hope you did receive my little e-mail allison. it is so very important for me that you know that i appreciated your's A LOT!!


tattooedblogger said...

......is a title of a very sweet children's book...one of my lil peeps favs

Allisunny S. said...

Delia my darling,
I read it every other night it would seem. I was so tempted to write:

"you are not a kitten
you are not a hen....etc
you are my mother and I love you!!"

at the end. :)