Friday, March 20, 2009

Kitteh Yoga

Hi. I am your teacher, Sri Sai Jones. Today in class we will be practicing a very important pose: downward facing kitteh.

To prepare for this pose, gently turn your neck to the side, like so:

Then suddenly and without warning dip your head at an unnatural angle, and you are instantly in Downward Facing Cat, a pose known as 'Chatarangasvacatsana' - very good for the thyroid and a blood cleansing pose.

Deepen the stretch if you feel able, resting in kitten's pose when the need becomes apparent.

Very good! Now for the very very very very advanced student, turn your neck backwards into Bat Pose: please be advised that you should only do this if you have been doing Cat yoga for at least three years.

Now gently collapse down into kitten's pose and rest, feeling the renewed sense of energy in the base of your brain and a sense of accomplishment!

And Rest. Breathe in your Ujai breath and meow quietly with each breath out.

Any questions? Very good then, Catmaste and let us 'Omeow' three times to close this class.


::mari:: said...

:) I love this. And today, I needed to see something so sweet and charming and adorable. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that upsidedown head just made me burst out laughing. How do cats DO these things?

Aspen Wear said...

So cute! Thanks for the Friday smile. Hope you are having a good day!

The Noisy Plume: said...


Good Girls Studio said...

..that is the best! Is your cat double jointed or what?? Thanks for the laugh!

jordan said...

this is amazing. SO hilarious! cats are so flexible it's insane. nice work on the narrative ;)

daily coyote said...

LOVE!!!!!! Cat is amazing & your commentary brilliant!!!

Elaine said...

Jones is way too cute and flexible! And you are an amazing photographer to get each of those photos in before his exercise was over! :)

Dave said...

You and Jones... such a wonderful duo.

Hey you should tell your pastor friend that Dave did a testimonial sermon this weekend... notes are over at

radcow said...


Mikiye Creations said...

Oh my gosh!
YOU are SOOO Hilarious and cleaver!
Such a fantastic instructor!!!!