Sunday, March 1, 2009

Light of Heart

Dearest Sunday Drivers,
Today I got up and had the pleasure of going to Pilates where I got the chance to stretch my muscles and strengthen all the limbs I am lucky enough to use every day.
I had the company of amazing women who make me laugh and I even handed out a card or two for the Etsy stores, which is something I am normally very, very shy about!
I also had the happy luck to be able to photograph two rings I made last nigh in the midst of working on several custom orders in silver.
After Monday my custom orders in leather should be well under control and I'll be making some more things that are newer ideas: if Anthony and I move to the Bay Area there shall be no custom orders for come time until we get settled, etc. So much to think about these days!!!
The first ring I made yesterday is light of heart:

A beautiful red/orange vintage plastic cabochon, high domed and light as air because it is hollow on the inside of its thick plastic walls. It might seem silly to set something like that in a material as lovely as silver, but it made perfect sense: it is my Humor Ring. It is meant to remind the person who wears it to smile, laugh and find the lighter side of the heavy we all have so much of lately. It's also gorgeously big!!
The last ring I made is a Mexican Fire Opal with the most lovely rainbow fire in an arc tucked into its rhyolite matrix. The companion stone for the opal is a lovely dot of coral.

Interesting thing I've noticed in the pattern of creativity: there has to be some small level of 'pinch' before you have a string of uninterrupted creativity: It's something I have noticed more and more - there comes a moment after you've lain fallow for a little while where you kind of blow a little steam out of your ears with the need to MAKE.
I've felt that way this week.
And now I am making!!

Be restful of heart today if you can and know that you are all in my thoughts.

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