Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Work

Didn't I say some weeks ago that Sundays were going to be off limits? Somehow I have found myself working crazy hours all days of the week since we move soon: today found me working on one of the most precious pieces I have ever had the privilege to make: an Easter Cross for my friend Katherine, who is the pastor of an amazing church.

This was my holy time today, a gift to be able to spend some time meditating on rebirth and love.



Dave said...

Allison... I thought about posting this since your leather tooling... is just one of your many tools of the trade.... the spirit does live in you...

Daily tools which make our living
Are the ones the Lord approves
From every hammer , every keyboard
Bring a passion with Christ’s love
All the things that serve the Lord
At your fingertips each day
Now we all must heed our calling
Praise the Lord, whom we adore.

Good Girls Studio said...

Amen is right! Beautiful & spirit filled like all your work!

Katherine said...


The computer can't contain my joy in seeing this. I'm going to hug you and probably break your eardrums when I see it/you in person!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.