Sunday, March 8, 2009

When The Mouse is Away....

The Cats will play with whatever we've got: in this case it's Jones and he's crazy about getting into boxes and chewing on them. I love his little lion nose in this picture! 

There's Janey with the cat dancer: she is an excellent huntress. I wish I could get pictures of her gnawing on our toes as we move them under the covers before bedtime: she is so tiny and yet she opens her mouth so wide that we call her Jurassic Janey... when she bites down it's with that crazy huge mouth and it stays that way until a toe from across the bed starts a'wiggling and then she repeats the adorable hilarity until Anthony and I have laughed ourselves asleep.


Dave said...

Gracious... I forgot about the move on the cats... they'll hate the drive, but they'll love discovering the new house.

I was busy promoting you today at Norah Rendell's house concert. It was a good turnout.


angie said...

those kitties are so cute! you should check out - more adorable kitties:)