Monday, March 30, 2009


My Jones.
After two weeks of watching him do this weird yoga on the fireplace mantle he has ceased his practice. The reason? I took down my Siiso painting and left in its place the nail on which it hung.
Now when he jumps up on his new favorite place to twirl his head upside down in the name of self-discovery he is undone by the dastardly nail and spends his time mewing at it and trying to reach it.
He spends lots and lots of time trying in vain and failing and crying out his dashed wishes in soprano.
Enlightenment is still very far away for our feline yogi -
he is bordering more on obsessive these days.


Dave said...

Cats do tend to sense things... maybe it's our body language... but ours always now when we are going on a weekend trip and leaving them in the house by themselves.

Jessie in Chicago said...

he kinda looks like a torch singer, sitting on the piano with that far-away look in his eye.