Thursday, March 19, 2009

Agua Nueva and Amethyst

I found the most spectacular piece of amethyst: it has a pattern of hexagons INSIDE the stone, people!!!! Gah - I cannot believe something like this exists.
I am also smitten and bitten by the agua nueva I got my hands on:

The piece on the right is spoken for: the one with the big peach hill.... these are all incredibly rare and special stones. Obsession-worthy stones.
From left: 
yellow Laguna Agate
Lavender Agua Nueva
Cloud-centered Agua Nueva Square
Spoken for
Amethyst Hexagon



susie said...

So pretty - it never ceases to amaze me what nature can do!

amy said...

Im already persuading myself that I need each and every one of those gorgeous stones. Im infact teaching myself bezel setting just so i have an excuse to start collecting them. In the UK we have a pretty rubbish choice of stones, you're one lucky lady!

Vita said...

That's what I said!
You're a lucky, lucky lady!!
I'd be swimming in those stones right about now! haha! They are truly AMAZING!! :D

Sunny Rising Leather said...

I am totally swimming and sunbathing in their amazing light, ladies. Shades on :)

Anonymous said...

You, Allison, are a lapidary...

Did you know that?