Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Favorites

Today I went into the studio and lined up my favorite stones, arranging and rearranging them in order of shape and color, dreaming as anyone who loves something does.
My designs are dictated by stones: the shape and color speaks volumes to what the metal surrounding it will be: how it will enhance them.
Here are a few of my favorites:


Botswana Agate and Agua Nueva ( A. N. makes my world turn! )

Eclipse Stone

Old #8 turquoise and Chinese Turquoise

Laguna Agate: a true collector's stone that is not for sale ( nom nom nom )

Today I will be tooling leather quite a bit: I went to Tandy yesterday and found the most outrageous pink leather: petal pink, just like a proper flower. 'Tis the season for such colors: the pastels, etc. I remember looking through my mother's mail order catalogs as a child and seeing the shades change from the winter clothes to the spring frocks: the freshness it brought to mind - this leather makes me feel likewise.


angie said...

wow, i LOVE that morrisonite more than i think i can say. can't wait to see what it comes out like as jewelry. i may have to dig into the couch cushions for that...

Elaine said...

Thanks for sharing your favs-- the rainbow of colors brightens my day!