Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Custom Beauty

Agua Nueva custom ordered by an amazing woman:

Another buyer supplied her own stone, a lovely titanium Drusy cabochon:
It feels odd to not be doing as much leather lately: not a bad odd, just.... odd. Like I have forgotten my pants in a dream odd. 
With the book coming up after the move and the sheer amount of projects that will be giving me this is kind of a pre-storm rest. I am not afraid of the pause this time nor do I feel the need to rush out of it.
I am making custom orders in leather and custom orders in silver. I am watching cabochons I've long loved leave my hands and new ones to adore coming in.
I am watching Los Angeles in my mental rearview and welcoming the greenest hills before me...


To all of it.


amy said...

I am so in love with this druzy ring great work! I have been so engrossed in reading through your blog it's beautiful.

Good Girls Studio said...

beautiful work! You seem very peaceful in a I forgot my pants sort of way :)