Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Most Welcome Sight

Now if a rainbow over rolling pastures isn't enough to tell us we're on the right path, I simply don't know what is!!! This lovely vision greeted us on our way up to Novato.
We are here at a nice Best Western courtesy of Anthony's interview team and I just had to show you this rainbow because it was incredibly inspiring.

Being here in these rollicking green hills is so healing for my frazzled soul: if we move here I know there's a lot more frazzled where the original frazzle came from ( still with me? ) but it feels like in the end there will be more of me left to create with.

Big cities inspire, but if it's not the right fit they constrict and leach as well. 

Los Angeles is way too cool for me: I think we value different things, my current homeplace and I.... I was telling someone the other day that is was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to leave NYC...

It whispered things in my ear as I was packing for the west coast... terrible things like, "You're nothing without me.... I made you!!" and, "But where will you get good wonton soup at 12 Midnight on a Tuesday?" But mostly it was this one that did me in - 

"I will haunt you forever".

And it does.

Los Angeles is kinda like, "Hey, I totally understand... No hard feelings, come visit, okay?"

And I will.

I say this as if this has already transpired, but in my mind I'm already gone - the only ache that keeps me awake at night is how to leave my best friends, especially my brother Matt Coleman, my Terra, my angel Katherine and Powerhouse Liane and wee Seamus.

Not to mention my incredible pilates tribe at JAM...

Ouch. Such is life, best illustrated with an insightful Indigo Girls lyric -

"For every pleasure exacts its pain - how you hurt me; how you were good to me"


Elaine said...

Glad to hear that Nor. Cal. is treating you well! I lived in the Bay Area for quite some time, so it makes me happy to know that you are enjoying your time up there. I wish you could bottle up some of the warmer weather and send it my way.

susie said...

You have a knack with words. We are contemplating some changes around here too. Change for me is equal parts terrifying and exciting. You sum it up well. Good luck with whatever lies for you underneath your rainbow (wherever that may be).

::mari:: said...

I can *feel* you living there. Does that make sense to you? It probably does.

Best of luck to you and A ... I'll be thinking of you both as you take on this adventure.


p.s. expect a convo reply from me later today. :)

Naomi said...
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Naomi said...

(had to delete and repost cuz i misspelled something :O)

when working with materials as raw and... well, primal as leather and metal, it would make sense to be somewhere you could connect with the earth on a more basic level.

smell dirt. feel grass. touch trees. breathe sunshine.

not that LA doesn't have it's natural charm. i cried when i had to leave santa monica beach, even with all the cigarette butts and garbage hidden in the sand.

but being in a pastoral setting feeds the creative soul in a way industry and buildings and city living can't.

my soul longs for the kind of life you read about in jane austen novels. while the bay area isn't the lake district with mr. darcy waiting at pemberly, i'm sure you and anthony will eventually find a sanctuary.

till then, read yeat's "innisfree" and know that i'm sending peace your way ^_^

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Elaine: I will totally bottle you up some warm weather and beam it your way!!
Susie: Perfect summation: terrifying and exciting!! Have fun with YOUR change, too :)
James: Yay, a convo!!! :)
Naomi: have you considered writing a book, dear? Your words are spectacular.

Pastor Katherine said...

Oh my goodness. The rainbow is beautiful. You are beautiful. I'm holding you and Anthony in the deepest part of my heart today.

Naomi said...


i just might have to start thinking about that. if other creative sensitive souls like yourself keep coming into my life, i'll be able to make that journey into paper and ink...

till then, i'll have to keep the day job hehehe :)

Dave said...

Great Indigo Girl lyric reference.... awesome song....

You are one precious couple... you'll love the journey you are on.

Anonymous said...

I knew you quite well some time ago, Allison, and I would agree that Los Angeles is too cool for you. That's not a bad thing. The over-striving, competitive drive that leads to trying to be something you're not is not becoming on anyone, much less someone who wants to be a healing presence & free spirit. NoCal will be a much gentler place to land & will bring out the best in you. Etsy seems to have had a similar effect. I'm glad you've found your grove & wish you well.