Monday, March 9, 2009


Stones make me salivate. I have spent the vast majority of the last two months dreaming of them: interestingly enough I have never wanted to dig in and find out how they're formed (I wouldn't be opposed to learning per se) because it's kind of like a symphony: before I knew what the instruments were as a child I was mesmerized by the rush of sound and tenderness...
later when I learned what each instrument was and went into orchestra as a clarinet player the magic somehow changed. Became sober.
So I am letting stones be my childhood symphony, my 'Scheherazade'.
There are three rings and a necklace going into the silver shop today: one is a custom (the mookaite triangle) and three are for hire to uplift your spirits and add magic to your days.

I have included two peacock feather items, a Chinese turquoise ring in size 6 and a labradorite
 necklace... I could not have ever imagined the response to this shape would be so immediate.

I hope today is refreshing and lovely for all of you, my long distance friends!


::mari:: said...

Gah! I'm away from my desk until 3:30! The curse of an office job. Fingers crossed you don't post these luscious baubles until then! xo. They're gorgeous!

daily coyote said...

that necklace is amazing!!!
the labradorite so perfect for a peacock feather ~
xo S

Anonymous said...

Jewelry makes me salivate. Don't they look so pretty all lined up together?

Good Girls Studio said...

loving the feather rings!

Vita said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your feather styles!!! :D

Aspen Wear said...

I agree that the labradorite is perfect for the peacock feather. And very happy for you to see that it sold (as well as all the others)! :) I'm loving the peacock feather style as well.

The Noisy Plume: said...

Love these!

FF said...

I just stumbled across some lines in "The Conference of Birds" that made me think of your post:

"...My one desire
Is jewels; I pick through quarries for their fire.
They kindle in my heart and answering blaze."